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Холодное сердце (2013)
Холодное сердце
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@Walt Дисней Анимация Studios~ Walt Дисней Анимация Studios’ “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019
Холодное сердце 2
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Холодное сердце is for sure one of the best Дисней Фильмы in the world, so it is no surprise that they took it to the Далее level and brought this legendary film to stage and song, well еще song. Of course our Избранное songs like Let It Go, and For The First time in forever are still featured, there also some new hits like Dangerous To Dream and Hans Of The Southern Isles. The Ice Queen and Peppy Princess are brought to life by Актрисы Cassie Levy (Elsa) and Patti Murin (Anna). They bring a lot of magic to the characters and explore personality traits and of course their Пение is phenomenal. Ты may either have your doubts because I mean Ты want Холодное сердце to stay perfect или Ты may be jumping with joy, but lets just say Холодное сердце The Musical is no threat it is however Snow Awesome!
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Since the last 2 times Anna and Elsa went to a lake didn't work they decided to go an actual swimming pool this time.

Anna сказал(-а) "The lakes have pretty Просмотры of nature, but Ты suggesting to go to a swimming pool is a better idea."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Thank Ты Anna. I made sure to bring our swimsuits."

Anna replied "Thank goodness for that."

Anna and Elsa went to the female changing room and got on their swimsuits. Anna wore a green купальник and Elsa wore a blue swimsuit.

Elsa gently went into the pool, but Anna jumped in. Anna сказал(-а) "That was wicked fun."

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Note: Холодное сердце is owned by Disney, not me. I hope that Ты have fun Чтение and feel free to comment.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were relaxing in the living room of the kingdom. Anna asked "Do Ты miss swimming?"

Elsa сказал(-а) "Well I guess I do."

Anna сказал(-а) "Well my related friend I have a answer to your problem."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Problem?"

Anna сказал(-а) "Yes. We haven't swam in months, but don't worry. I found a private lake near the kingdom that'll be perfect for us."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Are sure it's a private lake? I don't wanna share a lake with like 50 people."

Anna сказал(-а) "Don't worry. I've been to this lake...
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