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FmaChimeraGirl posted on Dec 30, 2016 at 01:11PM
I started a roleplay and i didn't actually roleplay. If anyone wants to join, sure. Rules are simple. If you rp a lot you should know them (sorry to sound rude) u can post them if u feel to. Let's get started. Copy my Char Sheet.

Name: Audrey, though most people just call her Vengeance.
Age: 13
Became an SA when how old: 9
Codename: Anonymous Alchemist
Types of Alchemy: Metal, earth, stone mostly but can do other types.
Bio: You'll find out soon.
Other: Can also summon creatures and weapons (started during a random rp for a book i'm writing. I'm not old though. Younger than Al. :) )
Weapons: she carries a gun and a dagger but occasionally summons a weapon...
Appearance: brown hair, aqua green ponytail, dark blue eyes, wears dark grey tank top, black jeans, boots, silver gloves, and a coat similar to Ed's but a little longer, the cuffs are different, and is light gray. She has a Flamel on her weapons.

If i think of anything else, I'll post it. If you join, thank you, I hope you have a good time. Also I need ideas. :)

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Больше года FmaChimeraGirl said…
Ok, so have fun lol. -Courtney.
Больше года FmaChimeraGirl said…
I'll start off whenever ur ready. :)
Больше года FmaChimeraGirl said…
Hi, olivia