Gakuen Alice Where are the Фаны of Alice academy(gakuen alice)????

Alicefanforever posted on Jul 29, 2009 at 01:50PM
why is there only 2 forums and not more???
Alice academy must to be a popular anime
so please MAKE it a popular anime
Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.....:(
Bat you can read the manga's or watch de first season.
when I saw the first episode on Tv I was just in love!! :P xD
bat when I search it in google I saw that it wasn't a really popular anime ( the manga's are popular why not the anime???????)
so I searched for hours with the posibilty that there is maybe a 2nd season......
many people are saying that it's already airing in japan????
I really don't no bat I want to make it a popular anime I really love it (L) :P

Maybe are you thinking that I'm crazy xD
bat I'm just a fan :D

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Больше года Neliei said…
No, I just the same as you. I love Alice Academy so much that I doesn't know how to describe my feeling for this anime.I also hope that it will be a very popular anime. So, just do your best.
Больше года april05 said…
dont worry, ur not crazy unlike me if i cant watch gakuen alice everyday i will die, and plus dont worry gakuen alice is really popular u know, maybe not the anime and just the manga but its still the same no matter what its still the gakuen we love, and also i heard that gakuen alice manga is now number one in japan!!!!!!!!
Больше года M8MX3 said…
no actally i want there to be a second season and i watch a youtube video saying we can make it popular here so i signed up for fanpop
Больше года mini17 said…
I am a big fan of Alice there a season 2?
Больше года mickstew said…
I LOVE THAT SHOW...not so hot about the manga though
Больше года dhes said…
I read the manga and am currently watching the episodes in youtube. Both versions are really nice. And, even though they aren't the same in some points, april05 is right, it is still the gakuen we love. :D
Больше года Rachelle_Aquino said…
big smile
I love Alice Academy! I'm really hoping for season 2.
Больше года crazy_princess said…
gakuen alice suki desu~
i'm a really big fan of it and i follow the sad there's still no season 2 in anime...i think it must be very popular coz it's definitely AMAZING!
i think the manga is currently chapter 139 but 140 is coming excited!x]
last edited Больше года
Больше года himitsuame said…
I've been a fan for 3(or maybe 4)years now and like you guys, I am excited for season 2 but I think there isn't going to be one..The manga is nearing its end. (145 is the latest chapter) I'm just wondering where the other fans went? The websites I used to got to are now inactive/deactivated. T__T
Больше года tokyomacncheese said…
i luv this anime to and the manga :D
Больше года cagalli said…
big smile
Gakuen Alice Cool :DD i really love the story .. ♥