Galactik Football Rocket's and Tia's relationship

Englandrules83 posted on Dec 09, 2008 at 04:01PM
Should Rocket's and Tia's relationship last?Could you tell me your opinions here please?
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Больше года coolio76 said…
i think it should
Больше года MiCrOiCeGiRl said…
Well, it should if love each other! They're so cute! :) :)
Больше года Microicemi said…
big smile
Больше года s_hruti said…
ya it should after all they both are the baest
Больше года nickynoodles said…
i think they are definately the best couple so yes, they should stay together :D
Больше года StarrieDollie said…
Yes, they're the best couple ever and after all they've been trough they will definately be together forever