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I was very excited for Ghostbusters '16.

I waited impatiently for every piece of new content.

(According to an old comment, I'd been GB-stalking for a год and a half before the movie even came out.)

I added everything I could get my hands on to this club.

I capped and iconned trailers.

I made picks, quizzes, scoured the internet for positive articles.

Hell, I even wrote a few Статьи of my own.

Acquired Funko Pops and a Ghost-busting guide book and Ghostbusters-themed Twinkies.

(Most of which are probably still in a cabinet somewhere, 'cause I don't really like Twinkies.)

Spent hours wading through...
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I am not a theater-goer. I'm a wait-for-DVD-er. (Seriously, I haven't been to a movie theater since 2012.) But I just booked a pair of Ghostbusters tickets for opening day, and that's just the first of what will probably be multiple viewings. Why am I willing to break my lazy hermit streak for Ghostbusters? Read on, или I'll have Ты slimed.

I Любовь the cast.
I loved Kristen Wiig when she was on SNL. I currently Любовь Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones on SNL. Melissa McCarthy is new to me, but she is also wonderful. This is a great group of hilarious actors, and I am еще than happy to...
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Who are these chicks donning Ghostbusting gear and enraging males all over the internet? This one looks kinda familiar, and that other one might've been in that one movie... Fear not, this Статья should serve as a decent introduction to any Ghostbustin' ladies Ты may not know. In the section for each actress, Ты will find a brief summary and a few career highlights, just to get Ты acquainted. A crash course in Ghostbuster Ladies, if Ты will. Each actress has her own club on Fanpop, so Ты can find еще content there when Ты fall in Любовь with one или еще of the new Ghostbusters. Let's...
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