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Hurmm..a little help here :)

If taeny shipper are called Locksmith, SeoSic are called Silent, may I ask about the rest, like YulSic and YoonHyun shipper name? Thanks before, I really aprreciate if Ты can answer my Q..
 ary_aunova posted Больше года
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topSNSD9 said:
Actually, Idk it too, maybe a little.

1. TaeNy = Locksmiths
2. JeTi = Jetidals
3. SeoSic = Silent (Most of their shippers are from Thailand)
4. SooSun = SooSunatics
5. YulSic = Royal Shippers
6. YoonHyun = Loyalists

The rest idk...
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posted Больше года 
Ahhh...really? Thanks a lot for ur help...now I know who I am, beside being a Goguma, Seomate, Sone, I'm also a Loyalist then, since I ship them. Thanks a lot!!
ary_aunova posted Больше года
SooSun is SooSunatics? thanks very much ^^
GDheaSONE posted Больше года
so i guess, i am a Silent :)
princess89 posted Больше года
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