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so nyeo shi dae
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Following their written interviews a few days ago, Girls' Generation is here again to answer some Вопросы from Dispatch. Have a good read below~


The 9 girls have returned. They brought out 'I Got a Boy'. However, the situation right now is 'I got a problem'. There's a bit of a problem. For starters, they are the disagreeing assessments on their new attempt.

Clearly, the girls have changed. They aren't the Soshi we've known, but a 'Brand New' Soshi. Like their lyrics, their 'style changed from head to toe'. It's the result of choosing hybrid over a hook song, girls hip-hop over group dancing,...
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Meaning behind the lyrics:
I'm guessing it's about the girl who's so madly in Любовь with a guy that she can't say confess hr love. или it's probably about the girl who wants the guy to confess himself. I think it's the first one.

The song is catchy. I guess that's all there is about it. Nothing too great. It's really catchy and the english lyrics in the beginning by Jessica and Tiffany adds to it. There's no part for the powerhouse vocals to kick it. Except maybe the last part when they were all Пение the chorus. That was when Taeyeon was Пение her part. Don't know how to say it. But...
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SNSD's Taeyeon had Click-B's former member No Min Hyuk on her radio show, Chin Chin Radio today where she got to hear his гитара skills live.

For those of Ты who have no idea who No Min Hyuk is, here's a little information. Click-B is an ex-idol group from DSP Entertainment. They had seven members and they were very active and Популярное in the late 90's and early 2000's. No Min Hyuk played the гитара in the group and is now part of another group called AshGrave.

After hearing him sing and play the guitar, the singer gave him a round of applause for his exceptional talent. Taeyeon expressed that she had always wanted to learn how to play the гитара so she asked her listeners for Совет on who she should hire as a гитара tutor. Even the radio listeners recommended No Min Hyuk.

Taeyeon then asked him for some lessons on guitar-playing. In the end however, she had to take back her request because of her packed schedule: an Asia концерт tour, a radio Показать and year-end award shows.
 Taeyeon and No Min Hyuk
Taeyeon and No Min Hyuk
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