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 Sooyoung New Hair
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This Girls' Generation/SNSD фото contains портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

On the December 22 episode of SBS Strong Heart, Taeyeon revealed that fourteen male Знаменитости had expressed interest in her. One in particular gave her a great deal of stress.

Taeyeon explained, "During practice, there was a missed call from an unknown number waiting for me. Initially, I thought it was a prank call so I disregarded it. Later, I received a text message that read, "I am __ oppa." He kept sending me text messages so, out of curiosity, I dialed his number using the office phone to Подтвердить his true identity. It turned out that he really was the man that he claimed to be."

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I don't know if each of SNSD's Фаны knows about this. So, I've decide to share about it.

As an information, Korea's Ministry of culture, sports and tourism was serious when they stated that they were in full support of spreading K-pop and Korea to the world! Since the statement was made, the ministry had done a lot of things in order to achieve their goal.

One of it is the release of the Seoul Song. What makes this song interesting is the singers are SNSD and SuJu and the MV is just like a Любовь story in one of beautiful cities in the world, Seoul. So, I guess it can be called as their latest song.
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Source: K-pop MV Screenshot from tumblr
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Source: K-pop MV Screenshot from tumblr
posted by Yuna1331
So i hope Ты like this article! Make sure Ты leave a Комментарий guys, i want to know your ranking too, so let's just get started!

9. Tiffany

We all known that she's the worst dancer, i don't consider calling her the "worst dancer", she can dance but not the best. She's very energetic so sometimes i think that she's one of the best, well the others are better than her so that's why i think she called the worst. I hope Ты get my point :)

8. Sunny

Sunny is being so clumsy sometime that's why she makes so many mistakes,. But she improved a lot now, but i hope she will improve more.

7. Taeyeon

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Even though Hyo isn't my bias, i feel like the japanese producers treat her even worse than the korean producers, when it comes to lines

I know Hyoyeon might not be the best singer, but she sure improved. i even think she's better than Yuri and Yoona now, especially on live performances. she's also way еще capable than what we hear from her lately.
because when i compare her latest lines with her oldest ones....GOOD LORD. she used to do so much еще with her voice back then.

Another thing besides the lack of Hyoyeon is the thousands and thousands of lines that Tiffany has in this song
and oh,...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
So these are the results of my Опрос that I've conducted over the past few days. These are the opinions of the Фаны that commented, so respect all of these opinions, no matter how harsh they may be. Keep in mind that this isn't my bias list, so don't bash, and let's begin!

First off, this is how I thought the results would turn out. (not my bias list)
1. Taeyeon
2. Sooyoung
3. Seohyun
4. Hyoyeon
5. Jessica
6. Yoona
7. Sunny
8. Yuri
9. Tiffany

As Ты can see, I'm not the greatest at making predictions, since I was wrong about most of the members' placements.

Also, the format will be:
Rank of Member + Link...
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Ok, Ты all know me. i'm pretty harsh with words. and it won't be different this time. i don't fucking care if some of Ты will start hating me even more, cause Ты already hated me, anyway

this is something i've been planning to do for a very long time cause it's seriously annoying me

But first, i just want to say that i know NOT ALL GORJESS SPAZZERS ARE DELUSIONAL

i'm talking about in general.

So as Ты may know, there's a Опрос going on at the moment, about "snsd's most talented member"

Not only is poor Fany being fucked up again ( that's a different issue, though...), but Jessica managed to...
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