Хор (Round 1) Favourite Хор Performance {season 1-3}

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21 fans picked:
Don't Stop Believin' (1x1)
The Edge Of Glory
Pinball Wizard
 edwestwick posted Больше года
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famelover23 picked Don't Stop Believin' (1x1):
Edge of Glory is also amazing but Don't Stop Believin' is such a classic on this show it reminds me of the old glee.
posted Больше года.
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Nicky23 picked Don't Stop Believin' (1x1):
^ Totally agree with you it is a classic and it was amazing <3
posted Больше года.
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belledjac picked The Edge Of Glory:
Love it.
posted Больше года.
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Sophia00 picked The Edge Of Glory:
1. The Edge Of Glory
2. Don't Stop Believin'
3. Rehab
4. Pinball Wizard
posted Больше года.