Хор [Round 34] Избранное Full Хор Perfomance Countdown; pick your LEAST favorite! (Out of Episodes 1-13)

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68 fans picked:
Take A Bow
Proud Mary
Defying Gravity
Sweet Caroline
Halo/ Walking On Sunshine
It's My Life/ Confessions
My Life Would Suck Without Ты
Somebody To Любовь
True Colours
Don't Rain On My Parade
Keep Holding On
Don't Stop Beleivin
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 x-missmckena-x posted Больше года
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x-missmckena-x picked Keep Holding On:
14. Papa Don't Preach
15. Smile (Charlie Chaplin Cover)
16. Taking Chances
17. Lean On Me
18. You Can't Always Get What You Want
19. Young Girl/ Don't Stand Too Close To Me
20. Rehab
21. Mercy
22. Push It
23. Jump
24. Hate On Me
25. Endless Love
26. No Air
27. I Wanna Sex You Up
28. I Say a Little Prayer
29. Ride Wit Me
30. I'll Stand By You
31. You Just Keep Me Hangin On
32. Bust A Move
33. And I Am Telling You
34. Smile (Lilly Allen)
35. Dancing with Myself
36. Last Name
37. Hair/ Crazy In Love
38. Gold Digger
39. Bust Your Windows
40. Maybe This Time
41. Alone
42. You're Having My Baby
43. Thong Song
44. I Could Have Danced All Night
45. Poison
posted Больше года.
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spikes_girl picked Defying Gravity:
PDP is out! I almost don't know what to pick. :P

I love the song Defying Gravity, but the performance was awkward because everyone knew Rachel was doing so much better than Kurt. :{
posted Больше года.
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layla713 picked Defying Gravity:
^^ I agree ...
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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brittlegirl94 picked Imagine:
EW. PDP is my fav, I have zero idea what to pick. :(
posted Больше года.
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nevermind606 picked My Life Would Suck Without Ты:
YES! PDP is gone! FINALLY!
posted Больше года.
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AnaHallam picked Imagine:
I don't know what to vote out either but Take a Bow was better than Imagine so this is my attempt to save it :P
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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mindycan picked Proud Mary:
Ouch this poll getting VERY hard now that all the worse out already (phew...) Basically I like all the remaining but I must choose one so yeah it's PM (kind of awkward performance). Thank God they didn't perform it at sectional coz of their idea being stolen.
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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katiecain picked Take A Bow:
Please let this go out so I can vote for something else at last :P
posted Больше года.
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Nibylandija picked Imagine:
it shouldn`t be STILL here.
posted Больше года.
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xiaofen picked Defying Gravity:
This Lea-Chris duet song is so amazing in mp3 & live performances but in the show not really because of Kurt blew the end notes and their competitive situation (I'll love it if they did it in friendly duet way).
posted Больше года.
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blueletters picked Imagine:
I understand what message they want to relay, and I do feel it. But still the deaf voices make it horrible.
posted Больше года.
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oPositive picked Imagine:
Or Don't Stop Believing. And I agree about the deaf voices...
posted Больше года.
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maikana picked Imagine:
My last attempt to save Take a Bow which was 1 of Glee songs I found better than the original (mainly saved by Rachel's voice) so yeah... I pick it's competitor. Lucky we don't have to hear the deafs in the recording song though...
posted Больше года.
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aww Imagine made me so emotional
posted Больше года.