Хор (Round 7)Which is WORSE of these 2? (Because I messed up)

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As Long As You're There
Isn't She Lovely
 CrimeDramaBee posted Больше года
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Brittanagleefan picked As Long As You're There:
I loved Isn't She Lovely soo....
posted Больше года.
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CrimeDramaBee picked Isn't She Lovely:
Messed up on the last vote by not adding "As Long As You're There". Sorry. If ISL still wins, it will be eliminated for next round, and vice-versa for ALAYT.
posted Больше года.
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fetchgirl2366 picked As Long As You're There:
love artie's voice
posted Больше года.
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angiii7 picked As Long As You're There:
I don't even remember As long as you're there
posted Больше года.