Хор What is Ты Избранное song of Episode 16 from season 4 (FEUD)

Pick one:
How to Be a Heartbreaker (Marina and the Diamonds) (Brody Weston and Rachel Berry
The сука Is Back/Dress Ты Up (Elton John/Madonna) (Ryder Lynn and Wade/Unique)
Cold Hearted (Paula Abdul) (Santana Lopez)
Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way ('N Sync/Backstreet Boys) (Will and Finn)
I Still Believe/Super бас, бас-гитара (Brenda K. Starr/Nicki Minaj) (Blaine and Sue)
Closer (Tegan and Sara) (New Directions)
 gleefanatic23 posted Больше года
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