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posted by kikko16
Gone and Hunger are without a doubt the best Книги i have ever read. the story line is suspensful and always keeps u thinking and ur imagination going. although i like most of these well-developed characters some of them annoy such as Astrid. shes too much of a know-it-all and shes too full of herself. i also do not like Little Pete. My Избранное characters, however, are Diana and Caine. I also like Lana,Sam,and Edilio. Many people have сказал(-а) that they would like these Книги to be made into a movie. i myself would have liked to see a movie on these Книги but it would ruin it for me if they didnt use the characters on the covers of the book. those are the people i picture when i read and if they werent used to make the movie it wouldnt be the same. i also wish the Книги would come out sooner because at this rate it would be about 4 years untill we find out the ending. please Комментарий and give your opinions. thanks.
posted by totaldramafan01
Brianna was running in Caine's "kingdom". Fast.
Very fast.
She ran past some kids playing Футбол in their yard with a ball they found. They laughed when one boy did a very bad kick. Laughter. A very rare thing in the FAYZ.
But it seemed those dark days were over, and laughter and happiness were becoming еще and еще common.
Guess Caine wasn't such a bad king after all.
She arrived at the city hall, which is what Caine used as his palace.
It's pathetic, really. The whole "king" thing.
The Breeze didn't bother to knock on the door. She zipped past the guards, opened to door, and ran into Caine's...
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In that one day
That single second
Our lives changed
Some better
Some worse
Kids laughed
And played
Stayed up all night
Slept all day
Sam found out
He was brothers
(with Caine!)
Then the hunger set in
They starved and cramped
No one wanted to help
Darnkess consumed
(In еще ways than one)
Then came the lies
The lies upon lies
Crushing the hope
The Human Crew rose to power
огонь burned the town to ash
Before the plague began to spread
Bugs feasted
The Hunter became the prey
Poor Edilio
Left in charge
Sanjit flew his family
To the mainland
And met Lana
Nutella and pepsi
And креветка, креветки noodles
Toto was a helpful tool
The Land of молоко and Honey
Has come to the FAYZ
Hopefully it will make for
еще peaceful days
posted by lovingsam
WARNING TALKS ABOUT SPOILERS IN LIES:The newest book in the Gone Series is beyond good filled with drama and drama and drama. This book has the readers always asking questions. Not to metion the suspense. Sightings of селезень, дрейк appear.And not to metion the biggest couple in the FAYZ get in ahuge fight! Brittney comes back to life. New problems rise. Lana? Well let's say she still has a few probloems to work out. Drama, suspense and Любовь truly desribe life in the FAYZ. But don't forget that is Ты dissapear Ты go bcak to your old life. The people on the outside are waiting The Prophetess (Orsay) is telling Ты to leave and go back to your Mom and Dad. But what will Ты do? One last Вопрос have we underestimated Little Pete? Yes, I belive so. The life in the FAYZ is getting intresting( not that it never was). How will Ты survie?