I have these Мурашки Книги (used) and i'm wondering how much they'd all be worth. thanks in advance.

Welcome to dead house x1
Stay out of the basement x1
Monster blood x1
The night of the living dummy (i, ii, iii)
The girl who cried monster x1
The haunted mask x1
Пианино lessons can be murder x1
A night in terror tower x1
The cuckoo clock of doom (normal and TV episode) x1
Monster blood iii x1
It came from beneath the sink x1
A shocker on shock улица, уличный x1
The abominable snowman of Pasadena x1
How to kill a monster x1
Vampire breath x1
Calling all creeps x1
How i learned to fly x1
Chicken Chicken x1
Don't go to sleep x1
special edition ii x2
Trapped in bat wing hall x1
Beware of the purple арахис масло, сливочное масло x1
tick tock, you're dead x4

 Goosey1999 posted Больше года
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Мурашки Ответы

Madisonjaynes said:
each book is worth $50
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posted Больше года 
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