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Opinion by sweetie-buttons posted ·3 месяцев назад
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Am I the only one who doesn’t hate Evan from Monster Blood and Sarah from The Curse of Camp Cold Lake? They’re the two most hated GB protagonists, but I actually kind of sympathise with them.

Evan gets a lot of flack for constantly bringing back the monster blood and trying to use it, it that’s actually untrue. Andy’s the one who keeps bringing it back and trying to convince Evan to use it, and he only agrees to use it once, in the third book. In the секунда book she even goes behind his back and uses it on Cuddles despite promising him not to. But for some reason, Evan gets misblamed for this and Andy is one of the most Популярное characters in the series for some reason.

Evan also gets hated for being whiny, but I think he has a right to be. His life sucks! Seriously, he can’t catch a break. His parents keep abandoning him to aunts who don’t like him, Conan relentlessly bullies him even after he saves his life in the секунда book, Kermit constantly plays pranks on him and then lies about it to Aunt Dee, and Andy keeps bringing back the monster blood that he already has nightmares about. He gets electrocuted at one point, beaten up, used in his...
Fan fiction by sweetie-buttons posted Больше года
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Grady: I bet I'll win this competition. I had to deal with a werewolf!

Sarah: A werewolf? Ты had to deal with a werewolf? That's all?

Grady: Um...

Sarah: Tell me, was it a mutant werewolf? A half-mermaid werewolf? A werewolf that could shoot lasers from its eyes?

Grady: No, it was just a regular werewolf, but-

Sarah: Then there's no way you'll win this competition! Ты wouldn't believe some of the crazy things we've been through. Волколаки are so boring. For example, I had to deal with a possessive lesbian camp ghost who was obsessed with me!

Harry: What, Ты think you're the only person who's ever had to deal with a possessive camp ghost who's obsessed with you? I had to deal with the same thing! There was this ghost chick who was so obsessed with me, she tried to take over my body! I admit, I had a bit of a crush on her, but even I have boundaries. Talk about clingy.

Evan: He he he...

List by EmilyNYC posted Больше года
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My first Статья ever!I'm really excited!!

Here they are : (from the Мурашки Series)

1.Welcome to Dead House
2.Say Cheese and Die
3.The Girl who cried MONSTER
4.The Haunted Mask
5.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
6.The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
7.Attack of the Mutant
8.The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
9.It Came from Beneath the Sink
10.Night of the Living Dummy II
11.The Barking Ghost
12.The Headless Ghost
13.Ghost Camp
14.Attack of Jack-O'-Lanterns
15.Beware,the Snowman
16.How I Learned to Fly
17.Chicken Chicken

Мурашки : Series 2000

1.Bride of the Living Dummy
2.The Werewolf in the Living Room
3.Horrors of the Black Ring
4.The Haunted Car
5.Full Moon Fever
6.Slappy's Nightmare

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Fan fiction by TOTALFan posted Больше года
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As I lye in my постель, кровати Чтение a book I bought at Borders "CLASS FAVORITE", I hear something in my closet...I walk to my closet and grab the handel, I hesitated before I opened the door very slowly...then pops out my little brother "BOO!"
I fall to the ground on my butt and screamed.
My stupid brother(Blake) laughed and pointed to me.

me:"Shut up idiot, Ты really scared me!"

Blake:"You should've seen your face when I jumped out!"as he laughed.

I wrinkled my lips and looked at him with mad eyes.

me:"I'm so going to tell mom!"

Blake:"Go ahead and try, she went out with dad to WalMart and they left without their phones."

me:"You moron, now they can't call us for an emergency!And what if they got in a crash?Who would call somebody for them?!"

Blake:"Calm down, don't have a cow, their's so many people over there, they'll be ok."

me:"Fine, but Ты better not scare me like that again!"
Opinion by Winnie222 posted Больше года
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R.l Stein has created the world's most chilling series ever. It must have taken allot of thought and effort to create something child friendly but spooky. Мурашки brings horror to a whole knew level. The Книги are fan-tabby-dosie!!! The TV series is good, but it is lacking the Описание that a book has. I don't know how to describe something so out of this world.!!!!!!!!!!!
R.l Stein's nickname was Bob(I know it's a bit of a funny name) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!