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Here they are : (from the Мурашки Series)

1.Welcome to Dead House
2.Say Cheese and Die
3.The Girl who cried MONSTER
4.The Haunted Mask
5.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
6.The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
7.Attack of the Mutant
8.The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
9.It Came from Beneath the Sink
10.Night of the Living Dummy II
11.The Barking Ghost
12.The Headless Ghost
13.Ghost Camp
14.Attack of Jack-O'-Lanterns
15.Beware,the Snowman
16.How I Learned to Fly
17.Chicken Chicken

Goosebumps : Series 2000

1.Bride of the Living Dummy
2.The Werewolf in the Living Room
3.Horrors of the Black Ring
4.The Haunted Car
5.Full Moon Fever
6.Slappy's Nightmare

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Danger Time

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All together total Книги I have read so far are = 24!!
Readers Beware - You're in for a Scare! Goosebumps! by R.L.Stine