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As I lye in my постель, кровати Чтение a book I bought at Borders "CLASS FAVORITE", I hear something in my closet...I walk to my closet and grab the handel, I hesitated before I opened the door very slowly...then pops out my little brother "BOO!"
I fall to the ground on my butt and screamed.
My stupid brother(Blake) laughed and pointed to me.

me:"Shut up idiot, Ты really scared me!"

Blake:"You should've seen your face when I jumped out!"as he laughed.

I wrinkled my lips and looked at him with mad eyes.

me:"I'm so going to tell mom!"

Blake:"Go ahead and try, she went out with dad to WalMart and they left without their phones."

me:"You moron, now they can't call us for an emergency!And what if they got in a crash?Who would call somebody for them?!"

Blake:"Calm down, don't have a cow, their's so many people over there, they'll be ok."

me:"Fine, but Ты better not scare me like that again!"

Blake:"Fine, but umm, they also сказал(-а) they wouldn't be back till like tomorrow in the morning."


Blake:"They сказал(-а) something about visiting a friend at the end of town and that it would be boring for us, so they left us here."

me:"Well, ok, but since I'm older, I'm gonna be the boss.OK?"

Blake:"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever."

I put on a smile and told him to at least put on deoterant, he stank.
As he left out of my room I looked at the clock and it сказал(-а) 1:24 P.M.
I shrugged and layed down on my постель, кровати and kept reading.
A half час later, I got tired of Чтение and
went down the stairs to get a sandwich(I was very hungry)as I spread the арахис масло, сливочное масло on the slice of bread, I heard something in my parent's room, I thought "It must be Blake."
As I crossed the кухня floor, I yelled "Blake!What are Ты doing!"
I heard Blake yell "What?!"

me:"Why are Ты in mom's bedroom!"

Blake yelled:"I'm not in their bedroom!I'm in my room!"

me:"But I heard something in their bedroom!"

Blake yelled:"I guess something fell!Maybe it was Tyson!"
(Tyson is our black labordor)


I just walked to my parents room and didn't see anything but my mom's old doll on the floor just sitting there against the wall.
I picked up the doll and put it on the shelf where it had been, then I put it's little hat back on.
As I walked back into the кухня and finished my сэндвич, бутерброд making and about to take a bite of it, but then I heard soemthing fall once again from my parents bedroom.
I rolled my eyes and walked back and of course the doll was again against the Стена just sitting there.
I looked at it weirdly and hung my head lazily and walked to it and put it back on the shelf again.
I went back to the кухня and ate my sandich and turned the T.V on and changed it to CartoonNetWork then I was curious of what my brother had been doing, I ran up stairs and walked into my brother's room and just saw him there texting on his new cell-phone probably to his friends.
I asked him "What are Ты doing?"

Blake:"What does it look like?"

me:I shurgged "well what I meant was who are Ты texting to?"

Blake:he looked at me weirdly "well the same people, Chris, Jake, Jason and Alex."

me:"I see, well, umm, call me if Ты need help with soemthing или another."

Blake:"Sure thing."

I smiled and walked back to the диван, мягкий уголок where the T.V is right in front of.
I got the control and turned the volume up to 57, I was not satisfied with Бен 10 so I changed it to Nickolodeon and watched Spongebob even though I'm already 13 I still Любовь it.
My bro is 11, and he doesn't really like it that much.
Then I heard something...like some very girly voice come from my parent's room, I sware it sounded like soembody singing...somebody like 3 years old but knows how to sing and speak.
I walked slowly to my parent's room and saw the doll against the Стена staring at the dresser.
I looked at it weirdly and grabbed the doll and glared at it, "You are such a weird doll."
It was missing half an eye, it had a hole in it's arm and it's leg was ripped in half and sewed back together.
I put it back on the shelf and glared at it for 2 еще секунды and walked back to the диван, мягкий уголок and sat down.
Then I heard my brother coming down the stairs and he said, "I gotta get something out of mom's room, I think I left my sketch-pad there."
I shurgged "OK, go ahead."...before he got to take two еще steps, I asked "Don't Ты think that doll in mom's room is kinda weird, scary или odd?"
He said:"Well, I guess, I mean it is very screwed up."
I сказал(-а) "Don't say that word! It's very inopropriate for a boy your age!"
he сказал(-а) "Yeah yeah yeah, big deal."

I glared at him and сказал(-а) "Move on."

he walked away, before i got to pressed the chenel button on the control i heard Blake yell "AAH!WHAT THE ****!"
I jumped on my feet and ran to mom's room I saw Blake on the floor staring at the weird doll and he was breathing hard.
I сказал(-а) "Why the hell did Ты scream like that!What happened!"

he сказал(-а) "T-the the d-d-doll...it it"


Blake gulped and stood up "It jumped off the shelf and grabbed my hand!"

me:"HAHA!If your gonna scare me, make up something that could actually happen."

Blake:"It's not a lie!It's true!"

me:"ya sure, whatever."

I walked away and sat down on the диван, мягкий уголок again.
Then I forgot to put the doll back if he didn't, I went back to the room and put it back, my brother was already back at his room.
I looked at the doll as I put it back on the shelf, It was weird...I sware it looked at me...I shook my head and put my hand to the back of my head and wrinkled my eyebrows.
"Hmm...I wonder why my mother even kept this doll...and why my father even let her keep it."
I put that thought out of my mind and stopped staring at the weird looking doll.
As I got to the door that leads back to the dining room I looked back and looked at the doll...
I sware it winked at me, gosh I sware alot.
I walked out the door and got back to T.V. and I noticed I had been to that room alot in just like what 15 minutes?
I looked at the clock on the T.V It сказал(-а) 2:57 P.M.
I felt like I wanted to talk to a friend, so I called Kayla(My bff sinse like секунда grade)
As I punched in the numbers on the phone, I hesitated and when I punched the green button that says "CALL" and in only 2 rings she picked up the phone, she said:

"Hey!Long time no talk!Lol, so what's up?"

me:"Well, there's this weird doll that is in my parent's room that..."-I hesitated once again.

Kayla:"Oh, that what?"

me:"Umm, Well, Ты will think I'm crazy but..."

Kayla:"What!I won't think your crazy!And I will never think that!Now back to the subject, but what?"

me:"Well it scared my brother and i sware it looks at me funny and it like it's missing half an eye and all that king of stuff."

Kayla:"So Ты are saying that Ты have a weird as hell doll in your parent's room that is totally freaking Ты out and your brother supposily got SCARED by it?And that Ты actually beleive him after all that he has done to you, well from Ты he has done alot."

me:"Umm ya well that pretty much summs it up...wow I just noticed I'm a total idiot.You're totally right!Wow Ты should be a therapist или something!"

Kayla:"It's just what I do."

me:"Well thanks for you're help but I gotta go do some BUSINESS with my brother, thanks again KayKay."

Kayla:"No prob, and tell you're brother I сказал(-а) Hia and if he ask's again I сказал(-а) NO!Anyways l8r g8r."


If your wondering why she сказал(-а) if he ask's again she сказал(-а) No, it's cause my brother has a huge crush on her and he always asks if she wants to hang out and she gets tired of it, as Iwalked up the stairs I hear another girly voice but this time...it was laughing?And I didn't mean IT to anything in particular.
I just ignored it and kept walking up the stairs, I went into his room and сказал(-а)

"Do Ты think I'm stupid или something?!"


I rolled my eyes "You know what I am talking about."

Blake:"Yes yes I do...what are Ты talking about again?"

me:"I am talking about Ты trying to scare me, and you've been doing all those tricks about the doll and stuff."

Blake:"Umm?No?I kinda haven't even been down there since the screaming drama stuff.Hello?Do Ты wake up often?"

me:"What?No!I mean no to the...never mind!You know you've tricked me into being all curious and scared of that stupid ugly looking doll in mom's room."

Blake just looked shocked he wasn't moving he looked down Далее to me..."What!?"
That girlish voice I had heard a минута назад spoke..."So Ты think I'm ugly?!"

me:"OH MY GOD!"


me:"Umm OK!"

The doll was standing right Далее to me on it's broken stuffed ripped and sewed back together hiddious legs just grinning at me, I was paralized, I couldn't move.

Doll:"Can Ты read me a story?A story about I don't know...YOU OUT OF MY LIFE!I WANT Ты ALL OUT!I WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE!I WANT TO BE THE ONLY CHILD ONLY ONE!"

Blake:"You mean only ugly жопа, попка killer doll here!"

me:... I was just standing there looking gazing with my mouth dropped open at the doll.

doll:"Oh Blake, Ты are the only one that hasn't got any attencion, am I right?"

Blake:"I get lots of attencion...wait I'm talking to a doll!!What the hell!!"

doll:"GET OUT!"

I ran out of the room into my room the doll came running after me and tripping and rolling and tripping again and again, it got to my door but once it did I slammed the door right in it's face.


I openned the door slowly and quietly.
The doll was on Blakes face, and who knows what she was doing on his face.
I ran out and didn't even need to pull, I just grabbed the doll off of his face.

Blake:"What the hell!"

me:"I'm dreaming aren't I?"

Blake:"I hope Ты are, but I am me so it must be me"

me:"That mean's we're not dreaming!"

Blake:"This is sereal!"

doll:"Well if Ты guys are done chatting, can Ты play with me."

The doll pulled out a нож it stabbed Blake in the leg.

Blake:"MOTHER ****ER!

me:"Oh my god!"

Doll:"You both will get out!Or I will wipe Ты out!"

Blake:"You little ***** doll!I will rip you're stuffed body to peices!Wait why didn't we do that in the first place!!"

Blake grabbed the doll and struggled to rip it in 2, but the doll could not be tore.

Blake:"What the hell!?"

me:"Oh my gosh this is not good!"

Blake:"Ya think!?"

doll:"If your done I'd like it if you'd let me go now!"

He let go of the doll and ran down stairs, I ran after him.
He was limping and the blood was dripping from his foot.

Blake:"Owe!Owe!Owe!Mother f-ing doll!"

me:"Just keep going!"

Blake:"Why are we running?It's a freaking killer doll!"

me:"Your right!We can just throw it away или something!"

Blake:"Well maybe we're wrong, it can be like Chucky или something."

me:"Whatever, I'm just gonna grab dad's chain saw and kill...tear it."

Blake looked at me like I was weird, but he nodded in agreement.
I went to the attic and grabbed the chain saw and came back and saw the doll chasing Blake, I grabbed the doll and pinned it to the ground and chain sawed it...it was over.

Blake:"Thank god that stupid scene was over, what the hell was that?"

me:"I'm in disbeleife..."

Blake:"What do Ты think mom will say when she see's that her doll is distroyed?"

I shrugged, "I don't know, maybe she won't care I mean it's just a stupid old killer doll ripped to bits."
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In part two of a three-part episode that was never adapted from a book, a boy gets sucked into Karlsville and gets caught in a twisted baseball game
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