Flings and romantic relationships

Book Series
Nate Archibald (lovers/dated)
Miles (fling)
Owen Wells (fling)
Lord Marcus Beaton-Rhodes (dated)
Jason (fling)
Erik фургон, ван der Woodsen (fling)

TV Series
Nate Archibald
First Relationship:
Start Up: Before Pilot (101)
Broke Up: Victor, Victrola (107)
Reason: Blair doesn't feel that Nate loves her anymore, and he refuses to confide in her about his dad's drug problem and abuse. Not to mention the fact that he confessed feelings for and kissed "Serena" at the Маскарад ball.
секунда Relationship:
Start Up: Hi Society (110)
Broke Up: School Lies (112)
Reason: Chuck tells Blair that if she has any contact with Nate, he's going to tell him about their relationship.
Third Relationship:
Start Up: School Lies (112)
Broke Up: The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate (113)
Reason: Nate learns about Blair's secret relationship with Chuck.
Chuck бас, бас-гитара
First Relationship:
Start Up: Victor, Victrola (107)
Broke Up: Hi Society (110)
Reason: Blair learns that Chuck lied to Nate, causing a scene at her debutante ball.
секунда Relationship:
Start Up: Much 'I Do' About Nothing (118)

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