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A/N: this is my new chuck and blair fanfic. i had the idea when i was lying in my постель, кровати a few nights назад and finally decided to put it on this to see how it would go with all Ты chair lovers. so i hope Ты like it and please review. plus please read my fanfic on chuck and blair's Фан site and review. dont worry i havent abandonded it but im sure i can multitask.

Info: chuck and blair do not know each other, blair and her mother moved to france when she was younger. she knows nate but they have never dated. serena is also her best friend. serena has still slept with nate but blair knows and doesnt care. serena is with dan and nate is dating jenny (i dont like this couple but i dont hate them so i decided to put it in). blair has just moved back to manhattan. hope Ты like it.


blair had been so excited to be back in manhattan she had missed the city so much. france was beautiful and she had loved the boutiques and other places but it never felt like home.(and not just because she had an american accent she was a fluent french speaker) she missed serena and nate her bestfriends of her childhood. she had kept in touch over the years. she even had conviced her mother to let nate and serena come over to france during the summer.
but now she was back and everything she missed on she was determined to catch up. blair was not one to be left out, if anything she loved to be on top. to be admired. her mother was a designer which helped for popularity. the famous eleanor waldorf however did not seem to pay any attention to blair. unless she had something to critasize. which was offten if blair thought about it.
blair came Главная to her blonde Друзья nate and serena and she ran from the taxi and hugged each of them in turn.

"OMG i missed Ты guys so much" blair squealed.

"we missed Ты to B. well i did" serena giggled "we also have to go shopping and very soon"

"what did Ты mean by well i did? of course i missed B." Nate smiled "and im taking her to catch up before Ты go all girly"

"it's not my fault i have only had guys to hang around with. Ты and chuck are great company and all, but i need my B" serena stated, then came a sigh "and being followed by Kati and Iz, is horribly annoying Natie"

"guys as much as i Любовь your playful banter i need Ты to tell me everything i missed. like for starters who is chuck? секунда on my Список of course Ты are being followed S your totally likeable" B smiled.

"IT'S NOT BANTER" nate and serena сказал(-а) at the same time.

"me and nate are in relationships B, and to answer your first question, you'll probably meet chuck soon enough. he's not one to be shy" serena stated and then smiled "and thank Ты for saying im likeable"

"Relationship's! since when? why didnt Ты tell me? and who is it?" blair was almost jumping with excitment that her to best Друзья were actually in steady and healthy relationship.

"i'm with jenny humphrey shortly after serena got with dan humphrey. we decide to tell Ты in person" nate told her.

"nate forgot to mention that he is dating a 14 год old, two years younger than him. dan's little sister, i like to go for people my own age" serena giggled.

"Blair Ты have some unpacking to do" eleanor waldorf walked up to the three 16 год olds "serena and nate nice to see Ты again, blair will see Ты two later"

"i'll text Ты guys later или Показать up at your house unexpected like i Любовь to do" blair laughs.

"see Ты later B" nate and serena smile and walk away.

blair goes up to the new waldorf penthouse smiling at the thought of catching up with nate and serena later. she kind of wished she asked еще about the chuck person. and what did serena mean by he's definatly not shy? she'll find out through time she thought.
she walked into her room to see it stacked with boxes. she kind of cursed herself for buying so much beautiful outfits over in france. but they were to go to resist. blair loved being able to have the latest style. she was very judgemental when it came to close and what other people wore. she liked to critasize other people's outfits so she felt better about her own. she constantly seen the imperfections in her outfits and in herself, blair seen еще imperfections than perfections. and it didnt help her bulimia everytime she judged her weight. she hadnt had a relapse in years but she knew it could happen easily. last time it happened was when her father decided to leave her mother for a model... a male model. blair quickly brushed aside the thought of her father and the other man and got back to unpacking.
30 минуты later blair had finished packing and went to serena's, sadly serena was out with her boyfriend so blair decided to try nate's. lucky for her he was in.

"Hey blair i wasnt expecting Ты to be finished so quicky" nate smiled.

"well i was fast just for Ты natie" blair сказал(-а) sarcastically. sacasim really was one of her favourite and best qualites. she knew how to be a real сука when she wanted to be.

"Come in Ты can meet my best mate chuck" nate waved her to enter.

"that's really a shame i thought i was your bestfriend nate" she laughed and nate rolled his eyes at her. they entered the living room and blair saw a guy sitting with his back to them. his hair was dark brown. he also had a scotch in his hand. blair whispered to nate "who drinks scotch at four in the evening?"

"Chuck бас, бас-гитара does" nate whispered back. he walked over and tapped chuck's shoulder "chuck this is my friend blair waldorf, blair this is chuck bass"

Chuck got up and walked around he eyed blair "pleasure to meet you" he smirked and lifted her hand and kissed it.

Blair smiled at him "and you" blair seen him eye her again, but she probably wouldnt have if she hadnt been so drawn by his dark brown eyes.

"nathanil are Ты sure she's just a friend, i wouldnt blame Ты though if Ты were cheating on jenny" he smirked at blair his eyes were drawn to her beautiful full ruby lips.

"blair's like a little sister man" nate stated "plus me and jenny have a good relationship i wouldnt want to cheat on her"

"your not doing her and your making the wrong choice for a relationship" chuck smirked again "clearly blair is a little sister you'd want to do"

"flatering" blair сказал(-а) sarcastically i'm starting to see why serena сказал(-а) Ты arnt shy" blair raised her eyebrows at him.

"you know serena aswell, yet none of my so called Друзья thought an introdution was in order" chuck looked at nate.

"She moved away when she was young chuck i dont think i can introduce Ты to someone living in france" nate told him "plus im introducing Ты now"

"im going to go get a drink" blair сказал(-а) and walked out of the room.

chuck watched as blair left the room, her жопа, попка in perticular. the brunette was definatly something. an acomplishment it would be in deed. congradulations would be in order if he tapped that жопа, попка and tap that жопа, попка he would. "now nathanil tell me Ты have never wished to do her"

"No i havent" nate laughed at his friend.

"is she a virgin?"

"what type of Вопрос is that?" nate looked at his friend in shock, in return chuck raised his eyebrows as to say do Ты not remember who your talking to "right of course you're chuck бас, бас-гитара Ты Любовь details in things like that" nate had obvisly caught on to that look.

"yes или no nathanil?" chuck asked him.

"Yes she is, do not tell her i told Ты that"

chuck smirked "nothing like the taste of a virgin. dont worry nathanil i wont tell your friend Ты told me" chuck ran a hand through his hair thinking of how sexy blair looked and how she'd look even sexier without so many layers of clothes "a virgin makes it еще challenging to get her under the sheets, but i like challenges"

"chuck do not hurt blair, i mean it" nate сказал(-а) seriously "and if i remember blair likes to be hard to get. she's also a commiment kind of girl, and does know how to stand up for herself" nate laughs "dont get on the wrong side of her" starts walking toward the kitchen.

chuck is thinking for a минута and then says to himself "i'd prefer to get on вверх of her" smirks and follows the same way nate went.
A/N: hope Ты liked it, please review. the Далее episode will probably be longer.

please tell me what Ты liked или what Ты would like to see. be honest if Ты hated something. i can take it dont worry. anything of interest или any Вопросы please leave a message because i'll definalty tell you. Любовь ya. xoxo

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So this are the spoilers:
Season Five will open in the City of Ангелы when a reenergized Chuck and Nate decide to pay Serena a visit. Back home, Blair learns that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain, and Dan discovers the ramifications of Письмо candidly about his closest friends. Finally, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the фургон, ван Der Woodsen family from within. Watch out Upper East Siders, this season nobody's safe, and everybody's going to be sorry….XOXO, Gossip Girl.

What do Ты want to happen in LA? Maybe Serenate <3?
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A/N: i hope Ты enjoy this one. it might not be as long as yesterdays but it is only a follow on. please review.

chuck and blair were in his limo blair was sitting on his knee facing him. a leg on either side of him. she was rubbing her body up against him Поцелуи him. she was stradling him as chuck's hands ran under her dress. he pulled up her dress and pulled his mouth away from blair's to look at her lacey underwear. he nodded in approve meant and blair pulled him to her again. who knew all...
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A.N. Ok This is an Ed/Leighton Fic. It happens after the Leighton Sex Tape Scandal hits the news...

Background: Just for this fic, let's imagine that Ed and Leighton share that undeniable off set chemistry which they tease each other about in the privacy of their own relationship but have not ever acted on the sexual tension. So they are both dating other people, Sebastian and Jessica.

They have not ever explicitly talked about whether they have feelings for each other. Let's pretend that maybe they can see something happening between them in the future after Gossip Girl, but any feelings they...
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