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The Mess that is Chuck Bass~ Chapter 7

“I’m not going to dance with you.” Chuck protested.
She payed him no attention and dragged him across the dance floor anyways. Blair threw her arms around his neck, but he stood there stiffly in her embrace.
“Come on Chuck, Ты have to move. What’s the matter? Are Ты scared to dance with me?” She asked cheekily.
He glared at her, but knew that he would not deny her challenge. So he put his arms around her waist, while they swayed to the music.
Chuck was deep in thought. In the two weeks since Blair had come to France, he felt completely different. He no longer felt like he wanted to die and it was all because of Blair. She had brought him back from the brink of self destruction.
Everything was coming into perspective, and he realized what the most important thing in his life was. Blair. She was always there for him when he needed her. It would always be her.
Chuck felt her stare and he locked eyes with her. She looked so unbelievably beautiful that he couldn’t resist anymore. He lowered his lips to hers. She gasped in anticipation. Their lips met and he felt desire curl in his belly.
He kissed Blair gently at first, but then the dam burst and he could not hold back anymore. Chuck bit her bottom lip. She parted her lips for him, and his tongue made its way inside of her mouth. Their tongues lazily lapped at the other, giving pleasure.
Chuck knew he had to stop. There were after all in the middle of a crowded restaurant, Поцелуи each other like they couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off.
He broke the Kiss and Blair looked just as dazed as he felt. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.” He сказал(-а) as he grabbed her hand and led her away from the dance floor and back to their table. They settled the bill before leaving.
They walked out into the brisk night air. Blair wrapped her куртка tighter around herself. Chuck found a bench a few blocks down the улица, уличный and he sat down on it, she followed suit.
He turned to face her and he saw the surprised look on her face. “I’m sorry for everything, Blair. I’ve been a complete жопа, попка to Ты and everybody. I know that Ты were only trying to help me and I hope Ты will eventually be able to forgive me for being so cruel to you. I just felt like I had to push Ты away because I didn’t want Ты to see me at my darkest hour. But I don’t want to push Ты away anymore, Blair.”
She smiled up at him. “Well there’s a simple answer for that, Chuck. Just let me be here for you.”
He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her passionately for a few minutes. He broke the Kiss because he still wanted to tell Blair something.
“I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and it’s all thanks to you. When I found out that Bart was dead, I just wanted to die. I thought that there was nothing left to live for. But I don’t feel that way anymore. I want to be here for you, Blair. Ты mean everything to me.”
He bowed his head but Blair grabbed his hair, so he would look at her. Chuck noticed that she was crying, but they were happy tears. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear Ты say that, Chuck. That’s all I’ve ever wanted is for us to be there for each other. As long as we’re a team, everything will eventually work out. Ты just have to give it time because everything will take care of itself.”
He smiled, and actual smile. “What did I do to ever deserve you, Blair?”
He moved in to Kiss her again, but Blair moved her face away. “I have something that I want to tell you, Chuck.”
He nodded, so she continued. “I actually want to apologize to Ты for something I’ve done. If we’re going to start out fresh, I don’t want to keep anything from you.”
She noticed that Chuck had a frown on his face now. “This apology has been a long time coming; it goes all the way back to my cotillion. I made a huge mistake that night, and I just want to say that I’m sorry that I ever went back with Nate. I know that Ты think he was my first choice, but he actually wasn’t. I wanted to be with Ты even back then, but I didn’t know if I could trust you.” Blair gripped his hand tightly. “It was a very stupid decision on my part. I just figured that I couldn’t give up on Nate when we had been together for so long. But I was pretty much miserable for every секунда that I wasn’t with you. It all turned out okay though because we’re together now, and that’s all that matters. And like I’ve сказал(-а) before, I Любовь Ты Chuck.”
Chuck put an arm around her shoulders. “I’m never going to tire of hearing Ты say those three words, Blair. I just have to get used to it because I’ve never had anybody Любовь me before. He sighed. “And I appreciate Ты telling me about Nate. That night when I saw that Ты had chosen him over me, I felt horrible. I had never felt like that before and it scared the shit out of me. The worst thing was that I knew Nathaniel didn’t even care about you, and that made me furious.”
She nodded, agreeing with him. “You’re right. Nate has never really cared about me. I was just something that his family pushed him into.” She сказал(-а) it matter of factly and didn’t seem all that upset about it.
“It’s all in the past now, Blair. We need to forget about it and have a new start. I know that we’re going to be okay this time.”
“I know we are, Chuck.” Blair сказал(-а) as they walked back to his room, hand in hand.

Chuck unlocked the door to his room, and he and Blair stepped inside.
“Thank Ты for the lovely dinner.” She started to say, but Chuck silenced her with his mouth.
He pushed her gently against the Стена and she placed her hands on his shoulders. He ate away at her mouth, using his tongue as a gentle suction. Blair sighed, and slipped her own tongue inside of his mouth to Присоединиться his. He rubbed his hands down her back while he kissed her madly.
Chuck moved away suddenly, and his eyes were glazed over with lust. He moved his mouth down to her neck and nibbled on it, swirling his tongue right at the base of her neck.
Her eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned out loud. “Oh,Chuck. I can’t wait anymore.”
He leaned his forehead against hers and whispered, “It’s been so fucking long, Blair. I’ve missed you.”
Everything turned hotter and their clothes were quickly discarded on the floor. They stumbled on to the bed. Chuck unhooked her bra and palmed her breast, weighing it in his hands. She ran her hands down his chest and they crept further down to cup his straining erection. He hissed when her hand came into contact with his member.
His hand was just about to creep into her panties, when Blair stopped and pushed him away. Chuck stared at her in confusion.
“What’s the matter?” He panted.
Blair stood up. “Before we go any further, I need for Ты to promise me something.”
He grabbed her hand. “Anything, Blair. What is it?”
She took a deep breath because she knew Chuck was never going to agree with her on this. “You have to come back with me to New York tomorrow. It’s time that Ты came home; you’ve been here way too long as it is.”
He dropped her hand instantly. “We’ve talked about this already, Blair. That is not my Главная anymore.”
She sighed. “And this is? Ты have family and Друзья back in New York who are worried about you. Please, Chuck.”
He tore his hands through his hair. “I can’t, at least not yet. I really don’t know if I’m ever going to be ready to go back. Try to understand, Blair. I have no family left. You’re the only one I care about and you’re here.”
Blair glared at Chuck angrily. “I know you’re still in pain from losing Bart and I should go easy on you, but I can’t listen to this bullshit about how Ты don’t have a family. What do Ты call Eric, Serena, and Lily?”
Chuck’s eyes darkened immediately. “How dare Ты talk to me about Lily. That сука is the reason why my father is dead.”
Blair knew it was a mistake to bring up Lily, so she decided to drop the subject. “I’m sorry I brought her up, but you’re going to have to forgive her eventually.” She сказал(-а) contritely. But what’s making Ты want to stay here?”
“Nothing is, Blair. I just really don’t want to go back to New York and face all the people that hate me and that hated my father.”
A plan suddenly formed in her mind, something that she knew would get Chuck to accompany her back to New York. She went to go sit on his lap.
“I do understand, Chuck. I just want Ты to come back with me, but I’ll leave it alone for now.”
She kissed him heatedly. Chuck groaned and threw her back down on the bed. He was pleased that she had decided to give up on the topic for now. They resumed their heavy make out session.
Blair touched his arousal and began stroking it through his pants. His hand fell back on the подушка with a plop while she worked her magic on his body with her hand. Just as he was starting to really get worked up, she yanked her hand away and moved to the far side of the bed.
“What the fuck is wrong now?” Chuck asked exasperated beyond belief. “You’ve got to stop doing that Blair, I need some fucking release.”
Blair сказал(-а) nothing but she picked up her bra and put it back on while her back was turned away from him. Once she was decent, she turned around and noticed that he was glaring at her. He didn’t like that she was starting to put her clothes back on.
Blair put her рубашка back on before she said, “I’m not going to have sex with you.”
“What?” He roared furiously.
She smiled triumphantly at him. “I’m not going to have sex with Ты unless Ты decide to come back to New York with me.”

To Be Continued…

A/N: What did Ты think of Blair’s ultimatum? Do Ты think that Chuck will go back with her? LOL* I hope Ты have enjoyed the latest chapter and please don’t forget to review. Reviews make me very happy. *smiles*
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