Some of my fave Chair quotes from season one!

Chuck: I'm honoured to be playing even a small role in your deflowering.
Blair: You're disgusting.
Chuck: Yes, I am, so why be shy?

Blair: You're heinous.
Chuck: Which is probably why you called.
Blair: You know me well.

Chuck: Admit it, even for me, this is good.
Blair: If you weren't such a perv, i'm sure the CIA would hire you in a second.
Chuck: Defending my country? There's a future I never imagined.
Blair: With good reason.

Chuck: It's a facility for the disturbed or addicted.
Blair: You must have your own wing.
Chuck: You don't get nearly enough credit for your wit.

Chuck: So this is your bed, huh?

Blair: What is Nate doing? It's getting late and i'm losing heat.
Chuck: Well, you look ravishing. If I was your man I wouldn't need clues to find you.
Blair: Or ravish me, I'm sure.

Blair: Chuck Bass, I do believe all your years of underage boozing and womanizing have finally paid off. Truly, I am proud.
Chuck: And you are my toughest critic.

Chuck: Victory party, here, tomorrow night.
Blair: I wouldn't miss it.

Blair: Don't be nervous, he's gonna love it.

Blair: I'm just saying, I have moves.
Chuck: Come on, you're ten times hotter than any of those girls.

Blair: You really don't think i'll go up there.
Chuck: I know you won't do it.

Blair: I've been given orders practically from God Himself to avoid you.
Chuck: Would you consider avoiding me over breakfast?

Chuck: Not as clear as the memory of you purring in my ear which I have been replaying over and over
Blair: Well erase the tape!

Blair: You sound like a jealous boyfriend
Chuck: Yeah, right. You wish.
Blair: wish.

Chuck: Please, you forget who you're talking to.
Blair: So do you.

Blair: Do me?
Chuck: Define like.

Blair: I do not believe this!
Chuck: How do you think I feel? I haven't slept. I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach. Fluttering.
Blair: Butterflies?

Chuck: Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.

Chuck: You looked pretty hot on Princess Theadore's arm today.
Blair: Oh, is that what I am to you, just an accessory?
Chuck: Next to him, yes. On me, you'd be so much more.

Blair: You have to learn how to behave yourself first

Blair: Aren't you bored already? I can't avoid Nate forever.
Chuck: I didn't say forever. Just until the sight of the two of you together doesn't turn my stomach.
Blair: And when will that be?
Chuck: Only time will tell, I'm afraid. So unless you want dear Nathaniel to know how you lost your virginity with me in the back of a moving vehicle, I encourage patience and restraint.
Blair: Isn't there someone else you can torture?
Chuck: Probably, but I choose you.

Blair: Don't stop on my account.
Chuck: Oh, I have to. Second hand smoke is bad for the er...

Chuck: Are you drunk dialling again?

Blair: I had sex with him at the back of a limo.
Chuck: Several times.

Chuck: What's gotten into you?
Blair: What if I told you I knew where Georgina Sparks was right now.
Chuck: I'd say let's get the bitch.

Blair: It's not like you ever do anything athletic.
Chuck: Well that's not entirely true now, is it?
Blair: Fine, nothing that requires you removing your scarf.
Chuck: It was one time, it was chilly.

Blair: Don't worry, I can be bitch enough for both of us.
Chuck: I still have the scars on my back to prove it.

Blair: No one ever enjoys their first time.
Chuck: Except you.

Blair: Break a leg.
Chuck: I think I just did.

Chuck: I was in love with Blair and I'm sorry.

Chuck: Let's take it slow this time. Do it right.
Blair: Chuck Bass is a romantic. Who knew?
Chuck: Well, now you do. That's all that matters.