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Gossip Girl aspires to achieve a certain goal every time a new episode is aired. Here we had a self depressing Chuck, a misguided Serena, a sibling rivalry and thorn marriages. Now Gossip Girl has taken the road where the end would justify the means and all the other pieces before it could simply fall out of place, so long as everything ends in accordance with the script.

That is why we have characters poking in and out of episodes without any sort of development или back story as to how they claimed even a секунда of screen time. We also have characters falling in and out of Любовь like a misused hobby and then there are the marriages that come out corrupt and worn down to the ground.

Tripp is a very weak character, he claimed to Любовь Serena and protested to overcome whatever trials that came their way, yet he still ran crying to his wife like a little baby. He has shown no real valor of a congressman, nor has he represented himself as the man he claimed to be. Which makes me wonder why anyone would waste time fighting over him? Surprisingly, I liked Maureen over all the melodrama. The letter, which Maureen used as blackmail, claimed that Lily and Serena's father spent some time in a hotel room. That could only mean that nothing 'under the sheets' happened and Lily was not the 'cheating whore' Maureen made her out to be. Solely because Lily was to ready to tell Rufus the truth and she didn't fear the worst for their marriage.

I felt the feud between Jenny and Eric was short lived and a cheap shot on Eric's part. Did it really take two people to plan the big comeback? Maybe the writers have something else stored for the siblings and their truce revealed to be a bluff, who knows. I just don't know how to feel about Jenny's drug-dealer mentality. I am certain if she asked Lily nicely she could have gotten the extra bags, but her problems seem to go beyond that, and without any direction in her life, she would continue going off course. It's even worse since her very own father couldn't pay attention for two minutes, to notice that his little girl is slipping.

I am actually tired of the whole Blair-Chuck lovie dovieness. I remember how the Bart death was dealt with and couldn't recall Lily's visit to the hospital, so the closure bit was expressed well for Chuck's sake. I did feel that the whole Bart death was spontaneous last season and Chuck handled the covering of his father in the hospital with maturity. The possibility of him seeing his father had something to do with his lightheaded and drunken states, which led to a sense of delusion. Gearing into the Рождество mood, the ghost mental was a somewhat pun for fun.

Dan and Olivia did not get their essential closure they needed to officially end as a couple, and even though Dan is admitting his feelings for Vanessa to himself, I couldn't officially root for them. Every character on this Показать is in and out of relationships, either with each other или someone completely impromptu. The only 'single' characters are probably the youngest of the cast and their relationships with others can be warped and manipulative as well, so there isn't one real couple worth rooting for.

Since we are all preparing for the Holidays, some our loved series have already taken their mid season break and I could use a break from Gossip Girl for a while, as an early Рождество present. Some of the plots have taken an interesting spin, like Nate's development (hitting Tripp was solid) and Chuck's 'mother'(?), but it's not enough. They are all slight impressions and small twists. The rest of the nonsense (ouch), like Tripp's whining, Serena's naivety, Rufus' spontaneous 'affair' with a spontaneous character and Jenny's rebellion, could really take a hike, because it really drowns out all the plausible elements each episode.

I am not really expecting much now, there were some points in the episode where I sort of, couldn't really care anymore, but just had to watch it for the sake of just letting Ты all know how I felt about it, but nothing changes.




Three Stars

Grade C-
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OMFG!!!! First of all I used to be both a Nair and a Serenate fan, but then Chair surprised me and I became a Chair lover, I still adore Serenate BUT I´m sooo pissed at the writers right now!! I haven´t been in Fanpop in a while but I needed to express how much I hate gossip girl and let everyone know that I won´t watch it from now on, the reason?? I just found out that Serena and Dan are going to get back together for the twentieth time in 4x10 seriously writers WTF???? this was the only thing left to definitely ruin the show, Don´t Ты think that maybe derena stopped being good and interesting...
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Just my opinion but i really do think that people over exaggerate how much Vanessa/Jess is hated. Personally I am not too keen on her, but i don't hate her, she's never done anything seriously wrong. People Любовь Jenny and look at all the shit she has caused? and yet everyone complains that Vanessa is hated? People seem to think she is hated because she goes out with Ed Westwick... i ask, are Ты serious?! Jealous maybe but not hatred. I think the reason she is 'hated' is because she hasnt been дана a decent storyline at all или because she isn't an insider.