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A/N: So, I wrote down all my ideas for my ‘book of beginnings’ but this one MUST get down today, since it’s based on a possibility that I think could happen for 2x15…and so I can’t really write it AFTER I’ve seen the actual episode. I mean, I have to have at least started it….or there will be no point in Письмо it at all. Heh. So, that’s what this one is about. Read and enjoy. Remember it is ONLY the beginning. =) And is in NO WAY connected to the prior chapter. Heh. It’s just based on ideas, spoilers and the promo for 2x15 “Gone with the will” ;)
And yes! I have officially finished my outline for ‘So What If I’m Jealous’!!! Yaaaaaaay!!! I was unable to manage it in under 20 chapters though. *sigh* But I have it for 22 chapters plus an epilogue, so not too much longer, and the Далее fiction piece I Загрузить will most likely be the Далее chapter in that story. So your long wait is over. Yay. =)
Idea 2—(Save Me From the Lies): CB are quite happy in their little environment, though they don’t even know what they are…as the time comes close to hear about the will, Jack becomes nervous and when he hears that Chuck is to be CEO of бас, бас-гитара Industries, something he was finally hoping to get his hands on. He takes advantage of Blair’s ‘relapse’ secret and Chuck’s just recovered state, in order to claim what he believes to rightfully be his.
    That smell. It was different, though oddly familiar. It was not the normal scent that filled Jack Bass’s little hotel suite. Not that it was entirely little, but nothing to what Chuck had been used to. Except for the last month, that is. Chuck had been anywhere and everywhere, but not in New York City. Not around anyone he knew. And not around that smell, not even around Jack.
    And…and Lavender.
    A presence shifted in the room. Came closer. His eyes still shut. His hair tossled across his face. His suit still plastered to his skin.
    He felt her.
    “Chuck…” he heard her say, and his eyes opened slowly at her angelic, concerned face staring down at him as she sat on her knees beside his bed. His breathing hitched when skin touched skin and she brushed his long strands out of his eyes and to the far side of his face. He remained still for a long time, his eyes transfixed on hers. Blown away by the Любовь she had shown him. She had told him she loved him, but that was a месяц ago. Things could have changed. It was what he expected. It was what he was used to. Disappointment. Любовь that never lasted. But even after all those cruel words he shot at her to keep her away…she still came back. She saved him. Because she wouldn’t be able to медведь life without him. Because she needed him. And even though the thought occurred that it was just a terribly good dream, there she was again. Saving him from his nightmares. Saving him from himself.
    “Chuck?” she asked, perhaps thinking he hadn’t heard her, but he had. His mouth slid into a tiny smile at her concern. At the way she slid her slender fingers down the side of his face. Usually he hated pity. But it wasn’t pity with Blair. It was…love.
    “Yes, Waldorf?” he asked, slyly. Trying to sound impressive. He always was. But this time it sounded a little weak. His voice had cracked.
    She let out a relieved sigh, and bit her lip tenderly for a moment. “You’re back,” she breathed.
    His grin grew wider and he placed his hand on hers on his face. He peeled it off slowly and kissed each fingertip. The chills ran through her and a few gasps escaped her lips. It did not go unnoticed by him. His smile widened again. “You’re so sensitive, Blair. Am I hitting a nerve, perhaps?” he drawled.
    When he looked up at her again, she was just staring at him, awestruck. Maybe she was in disbelief that this was the same Chuck that had been mocking her confessions the night before, had mocked their most precious moments, and had almost tried to kill himself. Whatever the reason, he knew those tears struggling to break free were not unhappy ones.
    He grew serious. He sat up in his bed, and brought her to sit with him, allowing her head to rest against his chest. She was a little tense, but he comforted her by drawing small circles against the small of her back. She relaxed, and clung to him.
    “Thank-you, Blair,” he whispered, Поцелуи her hair.
    She rose her head to meet his now watery gaze. “I’m just glad you’re alive,” she choked out.
    His eyes widened, and he pulled her to him again. Realization swept over him. Maybe he wasn’t completely certain what came with this whole ‘being in love’ thing, but if this was just a portion of what it felt like,of what it meant…then he was glad Blair had saved him. And almost glad he had attempted his own suicide. Because this feeling…it would last forever. Something in his stomach fluttered.
    A figure by the door cleared his throat. They both turned.
    “Blair…” Jack sighed, disappointedly. “…I thought I told you…”
    Her eyebrows narrowed, and Chuck was seriously about to get furious if his Uncle had really told Blair she couldn’t come to see him. After all that she’d done, she deserved at least that.
    “…the breakfast is in the KITCHEN,” he pointed down the hall.
    She scoffed, and refused to maintain eyecontact with the demanding older Bass, that she STILL didn’t trust. She had come to his place early that morning just to make sure Chuck was okay. That Jack hadn’t dragged him off to some other nonsense. She didn’t trust Jack. She didn’t trust him at all.
    The silence was sickening, and just as both Jack and Blair were about to voice their angered resolutions, Chuck cut in. “You can’t blame her for wanting to have the good stuff, Uncle Jack,” he smirked.
    Jack’s hardened face was wiped away in the moment and he chuckled. Blair just turned to Chuck and smacked him lightly on his arm.
    “Ow! Hey!” he said, rubbing his arm in mock pain. “It’s true! Old habits die hard,” he winked.
    Blair rolled her eyes, trying hard to fight the smile creeping up in her face. He pulled her to him, dragging them off the bed. He pushed her ahead of himself towards the room’s exit. She did not acknowledge Jack, not even for an instant. And Chuck shook his head at Jack as he passed by him, but it was not long till he had caught back up with her, sliding his hand to hers along her arm, and wrapping his fingers around her own. She turned her face towards Chuck, and he smiled at her, bringing her hand up to Kiss the knuckles, as they made their way towards the kitchen.
    Jack watched them.
    A бас, бас-гитара in Love?
    He had only seen that once before.
    And it didn’t end well.
A/N: So, it’s shorter than the other one…but they can’t all be long…and this wouldn’t necessarily be the WHOLE first chapter. Just a snippet.
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