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chopilichi posted on Jul 01, 2011 at 05:33AM
Hey Serenate lovers :)
I thought it would be interesting and sweet to make a list of reasons why we love Serenate!

So let me start:
Because Nate told Serena she was the most beautiful, amazing, alive person he ever known <3 aww
 Serenate Влюбленные :) I thought it would be interesting and sweet to make a Список of reasons why we L

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Больше года NadiaArchibald said…
big smile
according to me, the reasons are:
1. Serena lost her virginity to Nate.
2. They've been inlove since childhood.
3. Nate tried to tell her he loved her at the masquerade but couldn't because of DAN! so you can call it "postponed" lmao

and of course, they're just perfect. remember the car accident when Serena ran away with Tripp? Nate was always on her side and patiently waited for her recovery. Nate is a good guy, probably the nicest guy in GG
Больше года LaiaMaria said…
1- because he lost his virginity to her
2- because he couldn't forget her after she left although he had a girlfriend
3- because we don't know serena's feelings. she just said that blair was her bestfriend!
4- because he tried to tell her his feelings at the masquerade
5- because they're best friends since always
6- because he said she was the most beautiful, and amazing person alive he had ever known
7-because after she escaped with tripp and let him alone, he was still worried for her
8-because they have an amazing chemistry together (their scenes are the most hot of all...)
9- because she is always there for him, and he is always there for her

SereNate foreveer!:)
Больше года littlemizqt said…
Serenate :)
1. Because deep down we know she came back for him.
2. Because he loved and still loves her.
3. Because he practically begged her not to go with Tripp.
4. Because Blair said they were mythical.
5. Because only true love stay with someone after there accident.
6. Because he was so worried about her when he told her Tripp lied that he drives all the way there.
7. Because he will be there fir good and bad.
9. Because he forgave her after she cheated on him.
10. Because she was his 'fake' girlfriend.
11. Because she went to the White party with him.
13. Because no one can fake loving him like she did.
14. Because she never forgot the Shepard wedding.
15. Because she was she was angry at Jenny for trying to steal him away from her.
16. Because she didn't want to live in her house but wanted to live with him.
17. Because no one make breakfast as fun to watch as them.
18. Because they both have shinny hair.
19. Because Chuck said to give her a chace to be with some who deserves her as in him.
20. Because the only couple that suits Chuck and Blair is Serena and Nate