Сплетница Guess how old they look like!

TonyWelch posted on Jul 14, 2008 at 11:30PM
I've never searched on google.
And also I'm not a white or American.
So I can hardly recognize how old they really are.

from now on, I'm gonna guess how they are.

Serena(Blake Lively), she looks older than any other actress in the show.The reason? her wrinkle around her mouth.I guess she's 26 or 27.

Blair(Leighton Meester), she also looks a litte bit older. I don't know why exatly but I think her clothes makes her older.(no jeans, no T-shits, no sneakers)and also her black hair and a thick make-up.The result? She's 25.

Nate(Chace Crawford), He's really handsome, I think. He wears gorgeous and I love every cloth he puts on.Anyway, his eyes twinkle like baby's. That makes him look young. I think he's 21.

Dan(Penn Badgley), He's not a high school student anymore. He knows how to choose right way to go. good brother, the most understanging boy friend, and a really good student.But they make him older. I guess he's 23

Chuck(Ed Westwick), With no reason, he's 29

Jenny(Taylor Momsen), She has a slender figure. but See her lips, nose, eyes. What do you think?They should belong to an infant. So I think she's 16.

I'm not good at Enlglish. so It's quite hard to read.
But I really want to know
"How old they really are?"
and "How old do you think they are?"

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Больше года mcrfan1516 said…
Are you asking how old they really all are because if so:
Taylor = apparently 14
Blake = 20
Ed(he just turned it) & Penn = 21
Leighton & Chace = 22