Сплетница Gossip Girl Editing Contest

tutorgirl95 posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 06:49PM
Okay. This is a contest where I'll give you a categorize and you'll edit any photo, that fits in that categorize. I will have screencaps and icons categorizes.

- You will have three days each time to make your edits.
- I will then create a Fan Pick to decide the winner, which I will leave up for three days.
- The winners will also receive props for images.
1st - 3 props
2nd - 2 props
3rd - 1 prop
- Anybody can join at any time
- There are no restrictions to your editing. You can add other photos to it, or add stickers, text, effects, etc. where you can find on sites like picnik, lunapic, etc. for free.
- Not all of the pictures will be from the show directly. There will be some actors categorizes and things like that...
- Hope you guys join and enjoy.:)


Round one - Edited Pilot Screencap - Need help finding pilot screencaps - link
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Больше года KarinaCullen said…
So we choose the screencap??
here is mine
 So we choose the screencap?? here is mine
Больше года tutorgirl95 said…
yes. You choose the screencap.:) And thanks for adding.:)