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maryam1311 posted on Jun 08, 2011 at 07:34PM
Saw this on a different spot this is how it works.
^ Answers the question.
< Tell what you're doing.
v Ask a new question.

Is Chair the best couple in GG?

< Talking to my Best Friend
v What is your Dog name?

you can ask anything doesn't have to be GG related

have fun just
Here's the question:
v: What was the last movie you saw

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Больше года situ123 said…
<surfing fanpop
v Do u like serena or blair more?
Больше года maryam1311 said…
^ Blair is my fav GG girl<3

< making icons

v Chair vs. Dair?
Больше года Radvile said…
^ Tough, but have to go with Chair

< Surfing on the web

v Do you like Dan?
Больше года lissettebyc said…
^ Sorry, hate Dan :S

< Listening music

v What is your favorite song in Gossip Girl??
Больше года x0x0 said…
^ signs by Bloc Party

< texting

v Serenate or Derena?
Больше года othpop6668 said…
^ Neither really but if I had to chose it'd be serenate

< Listening to what you feel by Chris Levy

V Least favourite character?
Больше года lissettebyc said…
^ I don't like Jenny or Dan :/

< Surfing fanpop

v Favorite Character?
Больше года Anaji said…
^ Serena. :)

< Listening music.♥

v Who's prettier, Serena or Blair?
Больше года othpop6668 said…
^ Blair

< Doing maths homework :(

V Favourite season finale?
Больше года Catytio said…
^ Season 3

< With my cousin !

V Favorite Male character?
Больше года Vampsessed said…
^ Chuck Bass.

< Listening to Music by Leighton Meester. ♥

v You prefer: Chair / Nair / Dair?