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Chace doesn't think Nate will go the distance for Serena...


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Ok. Maybe I'm in denial but Chace never actually said they werent soulmates. Those words never left his mouth. The interviewer wrote that.

Chace said this:
CC: I think it was almost more like, On to the next one. They’ve given her 15 game-player boyfriends, and they’ve given me everyone in the cast. It’s funny because in a certain sense our characters are very similar, and it kind of just makes sense.

Basically I interpret this as, when he first heard N and S were shacking up he didnt really care because both characters have a history of lots of love interests.
He then goes on to say that N and S are very similar and that them getting together makes sense.
So maybe he isnt a shipper. But I wouldnt count them out.

Thus I'm keeping the Serenate hope! :)
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