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When Любовь Takes Over; Chapter One

Description/Summary: Post 1x13. With Serena out of town, Nate and Chuck rejecting her, Eleanor out of town on a business trip for a few weeks, Dorota taking a vacation, and the whole school hating her, Blair Waldorf felt as if she had no one to turn to, which leads her to a night of partying, drugs, and alcohol.

That’s when she met him. He seemed nice enough, so she accepted when he asked her to come upstairs to a private room with her. Big mistake. Something unspeakable happens to her, and she goes to the one person who broke her сердце the most: Chuck Bass....
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Friendly Encounters- Chapter Eleven

This chapter is rated VM for VERY MATURE.

Her mind screamed, YES! Was he finally going to give into her and spare them both the agony of waiting. “Sex? Are Ты serious?”
Chuck moved closer to her. “Yes, I have never been еще fucking serious in my entire life. Do Ты still want me?” He breathed into her ear.
His hot breath fanned her ear, and she felt the need to sit down on her постель, кровати before her legs gave out and she went crashing onto the floor. “Chuck, I need to know now if we’re really going to go through with it this time. You’re not going to...
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Turns out Serena and Gabriel are not married, however Gabriel and мак are still together. Could they be plotting against Serena? We would have thought Gabriel would have been a bit better looking.

Blair made a deal with Nates grandfather that she would talk Nate into going to Yale in exchange for a bridesmaid position at Tripps wedding, landing her a spot in Socialites pages. It always seems as though anything sneaky Blair does it ends up backfiring. Karma seems to have it out for Blair because yet again her plan is spoiled. Nates Grandfather outs their plan to Nate, temporarily ending Nate...
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Two

What the hell was he going to do with Blair? He couldn’t believe that she had dumped all of her Друзья like that and then what she had done to Nate had been inexcusable. Chuck knew she was serious about letting everyone know that she was totally a different person then everyone thought she was.
But he still wasn’t going to have sex with her like she thought he would. He would never sacrifice his friendship with Nate for Blair. He might desire her a little bit but that was all. There were always other women available. Who needed Blair Waldorf?
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Alright I was really bored so I decided to write a chapter 3... whoo...okay so like always here goes nothing...
"Chuck? Really?" Serena asked. "Thanks for sounding so surprised S!" Blair snapped. "No,no,no,no i didnt mean it like that! Just its...Chuck." Serena сказал(-а) in an apologetic tone. "Yeah. Just the thing is, Nate and I are kind of together. Well I dont know he asked me out and-" Serena cut Blair off. "You and Nate are going out?!" Serena сказал(-а) sounding disappointed. "Well I dont know. Its complicated." Blair said. "Why?" she finished. "NO reason. SO anyways, continue please!"...
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 Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Part 2

Its the final день of filming. The GG gang are filming the last few of the wedding scenes and the atmosphere is really good but emotional as the cast know it's their last день together before their holidays.
They have just filmed Chuck's wedding speech and are taking their lunch break.

Leighton and Ed have eaten their lunch and are standing around on set talking.

L: Эй, let me know if Ты see Seb, he сказал(-а) he was coming today but he's not here yet.
E: Ever heard of a phone...you can use it to contact someone to find out where they are.
L: (laughs) Well i dont have it with me do I! its in my locker....
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A/N: Update, already? Yes! Indeed! Hehe. ;p I’m just feeling soooooo freaking inspired for this fic, Ты have no idea. ;p Well, I hope Ты like it! Please review! ;) (and as much as I would Любовь to update always this often….I wouldn’t expect it all the time. Sadly. ;))
CH.2—Elevator Troubles
    The elevator was taking far too long. She had pressed the button, what? FIVE минуты AGO! Had pressed it again two минуты ago, and probably a few еще times in the last five seconds. Maybe she had even BROKEN the elevator button! It wasn’t entirely a far...
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Blair pulled him down by the edge of his collar. “Let me make one thing clear, we are not friends, we are not anything, Ты are just helping me to rise to Queen again because Ты pulled me down to begin with.”

His smirk spread slighly across his face. “But Ты l—”

“No,” she put a hand over his mouth, “don’t even think it. It was a mistake for me to even open my mouth on that subject.”

Chuck’s eyebrows furrowed, but he nodded and then quickly recovered his vulnerability with his trademark grin. She rolled her eyes and walked away, stopping when he didn’t...
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*This oneshot is not connected at all with the other fanfiction I put up on here. It takes place sometime into Season 2. Blair has tried everything to make Chuck jealous and even if there are signs of it occurring, they are very subtle. Chuck had tried his very best to put on a Храбрая сердцем face and appears to be the very бас, бас-гитара he was, before he ever slept with Blair. Blair finally cannot take it anymore. She is heartbroken. She wants only him and can’t even seem to create misery for him to make him pay for what he’s done. She goes to him, to confront him on her feelings and to Вопрос his own....
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