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New York:Twilight звезда Robert Pattinson has revealed that he is atrrated to women who are slighty mad.When asked about what qualities he looks for in the girl,the 22 год old сердце throb сказал(-а) he likes ladies to be "mental,strong women"."The stuff I find attrative in women,I always regret finding attrative",Contactmusic quoted him as telling British magazine Closer."I always like a kind of madness ina women,and when they are really,really strong.And they're the worst-mental,strong women!But I like when they hate me right from the beginning,"he added.However,his largely teenage Фан base may be a little confused about his Далее film.Called Little Ashes,it depicts the Любовь affair between the surrealist painter Salvador Dali,played by Pattison,and the Spanish poet Federico garcia Lorca.He's been boning up for the role by Чтение a book on Lorca and Dali.