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 Dipper and Mabel
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Dipper and Mabel Pines as teenagers/ teens
dipper pines
mabel pines
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I do not own the song, или any characters other than Kiki Mylls. The song is by Ken Ashcorp.
This will make еще sense after I Опубликовать Gravity is a Downer.

Kiki's Pov:
I was sitting alone in the forest, staring up at the stars. All around me, fireflies blinked their shiny butts on and off. If someone else had been there to, it would have the most perfect moment ever.

"Yeah I'll gravitate towards ya,
Or you'll miss me when I'm gone.
'Cause things are getting creepy in this sleepy
Town in Oregon"

A familiar male voice drifted through the trees. Maybe it was... No. I can't think that, cause if I'm wrong,...
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Let's admit it. Gravity Falls has one the best openings ever, and we know it. But some of the remixes Ты can find on YouTube could be considered better! And after looking around, I've decided to share my 5 favorite! I've included the links, so enjoy!

5. link

4. link

3. link

2. link

1. link

I hope Ты enjoyed this list, and the remixes!
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