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Эй, there people!

Made this rhyme, not too long ago. On what could be the possible reason on how Olympus fell.

I was wondering, for the ones who read it and have greater knowledge than me on "Greek Myhtology". If they could let me know, in order to adjust the indescrepencies.

Second, let me know what Ты think of it! And take part in taking this to a philosophical level.

Thanks for taking the time and have fun reading!

Olympus has Fallen.

As the titans forged the world.
A nova of light, hurled.
Like a hammer on anvil striking
Sea and Sand, dividing.

Onward the first dawn of light,
A terrace arose to...
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This wasn't one of mythology's smarter characters. See, this dude was a hunter. A good one, too. Probably revered Artemis as much as the Далее hunter. Maybe more. Because when he saw her, he just couldn't seem to tear himself away. And that was where the problem lay. But let me begin at the beginning.

Actaeon was the son of Autonoe, who's family was already generally cursed to be miserable. Which just sucked. But Actaeon grew up pretty decently. He was a Greek prince and a hunter taught his skills and wisdom by the "good centaur" Cheiron (who was like the wisest guy ever) and so you'd think he'd...
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This is just a little story i wrote for English class last год and i thought i should post it. Tell me what Ты think!

Persephone, goddess of spring and flowers, tediously packed up her things and trudged miserably down to the underworld. Her visit to Hades made her mother Demeter, the goddess of harvest, so sad that the air would turn bitter, frost would bite the plants and crops, and the leaves would shrivel up and turn an ugly brown before falling to the ground. One crisp fall day, not long after Persephone’s first visit to the underworld, Demeter was helping harvest the crops...
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 Greek Gods & Goddesses
Greek Gods & Goddesses
Hi guys, since my brother have all of the myths Книги covering from Norse to Celtic. I would like to write down my favourite Greek myth and the reason why.

1) Hercules (Heracles)

Since watching the Дисней version, I was really appalled by the original Greek mythology story. His original Greek name was Heracles while Hercules is his Roman name, in the Greek myth, Hera his stepmother was the main antagonist and he was force to do the 12 labours after he killed his wife and children by accident.

2) Perseus and Medusa

I felt bad Perseus and his mother, ironically he was Heracles' great-grandfather....
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