The Далее morning.
Jo woke up in her bed. Dean had told her to sleep there instead of with him. Just when things seem to go in the right direction, something was holding Dean back. Ever since that whore had shown up yesterday Dean hadn’t сказал(-а) one friendly word to her.
She came out of постель, кровати and walked into the kitchen. She saw Sam sitting at the таблица in the living room, apparently looking for cases on his laptop. Her mom was doing the dishes of the Назад evening. And Dean was sitting at the кухня table, staring at his cup of coffee.
“That coffee won’t drink itself, Ты know” Ellen commented.
Dean widened his eyes and put the coffee down. Jo walked to the таблица and sat opposite Dean. “You need help with that?” she asked cryptic. Dean frowned in confusion. “With getting your head out of your ass” Jo clarified.
Ellen turned around. “Have I missed something?”
Without looking up from his laptop Sam answered: “Dean has been jumping into conclusions and now he’s too stubborn to apologize”
Ellen turned to Dean, requiring a еще accurate explanation.
“I’m sorry, Ellen, but it’s not really any of your business” Dean said.
“You listen to me, young man” Ellen сказал(-а) threatening. “If you’re going to sleep with my daughter and then act like Ты don’t know her, because Ты have some issues, then it is my goddamn business”
“Meg was here last night” Dean started.
“Did Ты kill her?” Ellen wanted to know. After all, Meg was the reason she and Jo had died. “Sorry” she added.
“She told me something. Turns out Cas didn’t ditch me” Dean continued. “He gave himself over to Crowley and had him torture him in exchange for my freedom”
Ellen shook her head. “I don’t really see the problem” she said.
“I told him to get lost” Dean said.
“Oh” Ellen сказал(-а) in understanding. “Why don’t Ты try to call him? I’m sure he’ll understand”
“He doesn’t have a phone” Dean said.
“And we all know there’s no other way to get in touch with him” Sam сказал(-а) sarcastic. Dean shot him an angry glance. He stood up, walked to his bedroom and slammed the door. He sank down on the bed.
“Cas, if Ты hear this, could Ты come here for a sec?” Dean asked. “I promise I won’t yell at you. Just come down here and then we can talk about it, okay?”
But nothing happened.