HaleyDewit Usernames in Dutch

HaleyDewit posted on Aug 06, 2010 at 11:43PM
Okay,since I live in Belgium I speak Dutch.So here's what I'm going to do.I'm going to translate your usernames :)

Sevendeadlysins=zeven dodelijke zonden
Bluestar208=Blauwe ster 208
FriendsFan101= Friends=vrienden;Fan=fan
(piperleo)forever=voor altijd
opalrose=opalen roos
HelloKitty=hallo poesje

I can't really translate 'natulle' and 'HollyMarie'
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Больше года LovingLucy said…
My turn!
Больше года HollyMarie said…
and mine!!Oh no,you can't translate my username.It's a name ^^
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
okay :)
Больше года mellyhalliwell said…
And mine? You got me curious? ;)

btw, great spot ;)♥
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
big smile
Well,yours is a name,so I can't translate that.If you want you could give me a random word and than I'll translate that for you :)

btw:thanks :)
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
Molly,I take it your username is a fusion of Cuddy,Amber,Cameron and 13 from House,so I can't translate that.Wait,I'll put the 13 in letters :)
Больше года LovingLucy said…
This is awesome. How do you pronounce mine? May I borrow this for my site?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
Yeah,sure,as long as you give me the credits :)

I have to think about it,Pookie,about the pronounciation :)
Больше года sevendeadlysins said…
Ah! I think mine makes me sound more badass.
Больше года LovingLucy said…
How about KatieGirl?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
KatieGirl: (Katie) Girl=Meisje