HaleyDewit Тест Me-Ron Weasly Style :)

McAdamsFan posted on Feb 17, 2011 at 08:39PM
Same as the others. I figured since Ron is Ellen's favorite character ever,there should be a topic about him.Someone asks a Ron-related question and the next person tries to answer correctly. There will be points given. 1 point for every correct answer. But with every wrong answer you lose a point,so be careful. First one to get 10 answers gets a prop :)

Ellen: 1
Sophie: 1
Jenna: 1
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HaleyDewit 4 Ответы

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Больше года LovingLucy said…
What is his middle name?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…

What is he afraid of? (one particular thing)
Больше года HollyMarie said…

What's his favourite Quidditch Team?
Больше года McAdamsFan said…
The Cambridge Cannons

What's the comic book series Ron's a fan of?