HaleyDewit Тест Me-Hermione Granger Style

McAdamsFan posted on Feb 17, 2011 at 08:45PM
Same as the others. Someone asks a Hermione-related question and the next person tries to answer correctly.For every correct answer you get 1 point. With every wrong anwer you lose 1 point. First one to get 10 points gets a prop. :)

Jenna: 1
Sophie: 1
Hermionefan 361: 1
Ellen: 1

LUNAFAN is on top!
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HaleyDewit 14 Ответы

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Больше года LovingLucy said…
When was she born?
Больше года LUNAFAN said…
19 September, 1979.

Больше года HollyMarie said…
What's her patronus?
Больше года McAdamsFan said…

What are her parents? (occupation)
Больше года LUNAFAN said…
Dentists. (That was an easy one!)

In Charms Class, Hermione made Ron angry by correcting his mistake in saying a spell.Which spell is it?
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Больше года HollyMarie said…
Wingardium Leviosa

What is Hermione's middle name?
Больше года Hermione-Fan361 said…
big smile

Why is Hermione so upset in POA?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
She has a lot of homework,Harry is angry with her because of the firebolt,Ron is angry because he thinks Crookshanks ate Scabbers and Buckbeak is sentenced to death.

What's the color of Hermione's dress in GoF,the book?
Больше года LUNAFAN said…
Blue (In film, it's pink)

Describe her wand.
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
I don't know.
Больше года LUNAFAN said…
Should we wait for someone to answer or Should I ask another question?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
10¾" vine wood, with a dragon heartstring core
Больше года LovingLucy said…
Who was the first person to voice Hermione in the video games?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
Emma Watson?