HaleyDewit Song Shuffle Game

sevendeadlysins posted on Feb 20, 2011 at 06:34PM
Fun, random game that typically ends with hilarious results.

Wherever you play your music, hit shuffle and fill out the questions, your answer being the title of the song that comes up.

1) Name:
2) Personality:
3) Lifestyle:
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend:
5) Parents:
6) Siblings:
7) Love Life:
8) Wedding:
9) Married Life:
10) Kids:
11) Death:
12) Funeral:

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Больше года sevendeadlysins said…
1) Name: Unsaid — The Fray
2) Personality: Black Roses Red — Alana Grace
3) Lifestyle: Inside Out — Kate Voegele
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Unfair — Kate Voegele
5) Parents: Low — Kelly Clarkson
6) Siblings: I Will Follow You Into the Dark — Death Cab For Cutie
7) Love Life: Enchanted — Taylor Swift (Ah, precious!)
8) Wedding: All Around Me — Flyleaf (...)
9) Married Life: The Little Things — Colbie Caillat
10) Kids: Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me — Glee (Erm.......)
11) Death: I Do — Colbie Caillat
12) Funeral: Look After You — The Fray (I'M A GHOST! At my own funeral...)
Больше года LovingLucy said…
This isn't all my music. I haven't updated it yet.

1) Name: Mae, Suspension
2) Personality: Michelle Branch, Breathe
3) Lifestyle: Shine, Collective Soul
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Walk Through the Fire, Buffy soundtrack
5) Parents: Anything But Ordinary, Avril Lavigne
6) Siblings: Speechless, The Veronicas
7) Love Life: Done All Wrong, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
8) Wedding: Things I'll Never Say, Avril Lavigne (This one is PERFECT)
9) Married Life: I Could Get Used to This, The Veronicas (Even more perfect!)
10) Kids: Chicago Is So Two Years Ago, Fall Out Boy
11) Death: Run, Snow Patrol
12) Funeral:
Больше года LovingLucy said…
Sweetie post this on my site to I LOVE it!
Больше года sevendeadlysins said…
^ ^ Haha, will do!
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
I'll do this tomorrow :)
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
1) Name:Oh Yeah-Kat DeLuna
2) Personality:Footprints in the sand-Leona Lewis
3) Lifestyle:Take me on the floor-The Veronica's
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Addicted-Kelly Clarkson
5) Parents:Objection-Shakira
6) Siblings:My happy ending-Avril Lavigne
7) Love Life:Swear it again-Westlife
8) Wedding:How does it feel-Avril Lavigne
9) Married Life:You're not sorry-Taylor Swift
10) Kids:Miss Independent
11) Death:The Exodus-Alexandre Desplat (HP & The DH)
12) Funeral: Fever-Adam Lambert
Больше года sevendeadlysins said…
Name: Silly Love Songs — Glee Cast (What's that supposed to mean?!)
Personality: Chemicals React — Aly & AJ (I'm good at chemistry. Alright.)
Lifestyle: I'm in Here — Sia (Because I'm an attention whore, this song is rather fitting.)
Boyfriend: When it Rains — Paramore (...)
Parents: Animal I Have Become — Three Days Grace (Whoa, whoa, whoa! My parents are animals?!)
Siblings: Marry You — Bruno Mars (Incest=awkward)
Love life: Look After You — The Fray (Aww!)
Wedding: Inside Out — Kate Voegele
Married life: Coffeeshop Soundtrack — All Time Low (I'm having an affair, really?!)
Kids: Like a Knife — Secondhand Serenade (Well, that's not very nice!)
Death: All Around Me — Flyleaf (I almost get the sense that I explode. Maybe I'm taking the song too literally.)
Funeral: Unsaid — The Fray
Больше года LovingLucy said…
I chose some of my favourite to shuffle.

Name: Blurry- Puddle of Mudd
Personality: Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
Lifestyle: Here In My Room- Incubus
Boyfriend: Stop Crying Your Heart Out- Oasis
Parents: I Can't Stay Away- The Veronicas (That fits)
Siblings: Goodbye to You- Michelle Branch (GOD that is fitting is scary)
Love life: Suspension- Mae (good song for this)
Wedding: Don't I Hold You- Wheat (PERFECTO!)
Married life: Jeremy- Pearl Jam (Great mass murder/suicide...)
Kids: My Father's Gun- Elton John (this would have fit for parents...)
Death: Leave Out All the Rest- Linkin Park
Funeral: Run- Snow Patrol (Good fit...)
Больше года LovingLucy said…
1) Name: Free Bird by Anthony Steward Head
2) Personality: Where Do I Hide? by Nickelback
3) Lifestyle: This Is How It Goes by Aimee Mann
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nobody Loves the Ump by I Love Lucy
5) Parents: Misty Mountain Hop By Led Zeppelin
6) Siblings: Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy
7) Love Life: Woke Up This Morning by Nickelback
8) Wedding: Do What You Have to Do by Sarah Mclachlan
9) Married Life: Back fire by Aimee Mann
10) Kids: Why Can't I by Liz Phair
11) Death: Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy
12) Funeral: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

LOL lots of Fall Out Boy...
Больше года HaleyDewit said…

1) Name: Kingdom Come-The Civil Wars
2) Personality: Need You Now-Lady Antebellum
3) Lifestyle: Running Scared -Ell & Nikki
4) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Parachute-Train
5) Parents: Never Going Back to Okay-The Afters
6) Siblings: Daniel in the Den-Bastille
7) Love Life: Rockets-Ella Henderson
8) Wedding: Real-Plumb
9) Married Life: Troublemaker: Olly Murs ft Flo Rida)
10) Kids: Fire Meet Gasoline-Sia
11) Death: Life Is Beautiful-Vega4
12) Funeral:Haunt-Bastille