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 hannahs sex pic
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honestly they are
You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


Despite their father telling them that they can't go to a movie premiere to study for mid-terms, Miley sneaks out with Lilly and Oliver after they convince her, while Jackson sneaks out too separately with his friend Cooper. When they both find out that they each have sneaked out, they see Robby with a woman at the movie theater when he сказал(-а) he was attending a meeting, so they try to find еще information about the woman. Miley gets upset, thinking Robbie is trying to replace her mother, who passed away several years ago, which in the series is who she wrote the song "I Miss You" for.

Guest stars: Andre Jamal Kinney and Lindsey Stoddart
Hannah song featured: "Pumpin' Up the Party"
Miley song featured: "I Miss You"
Note: This was the only time that a Miley song was featured
 She's a Supersneak !!! (By Supergirl9374)
She's a Supersneak !!! (By Supergirl9374)
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Put your hands together everybody...
Adeadeaaahhh, ahhh... yeah

Don't let no small frustration
Every bring Ты down... no, no, no, no
Just take a situation
And turn it all around

With a new attitude... everything can change
Make it how ya want it to be
Staying mad, why do that... give yourself a break
Laugh about it, and you'll see, c'mon

Life's what Ты make it
So let's make it rock (Make it rock)
Life's what Ты make it
So come on (Come on) come on
Everybody now
Adeadeaaahhhhh ahhhhhh
(We can do better than that, oh yeah
Don't stop)

Why be sad, broken-hearted
There's so much to do, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
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