Harper's Island Alternative eps 12 + 13 FANFIC

the_oak posted on Aug 22, 2009 at 12:50PM
Pretty much I'm going to completely rewrite episodes 12 + 13. There will be a new killer, different deaths, different survivors, a different (and much more plausible + awesome) motive and all round a completely new storyline.
I've fully planned out episode 12 and will start writing it soon. In my next post I'll post the previews, they're quite hard to do without a visual element!

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Больше года the_oak said…
Abby snarls and cocks her gun, aiming it at the head of John Wakefield in his cell. Grinning, he taunts her. “You don’t have the guts”.

“Oh my god.” Danny says in complete shock, standing on the shore. “Oh my god, NO!” He stares at something in the distance and Sully, standing beside him, closes his eyes, looks away, and swears.

Henry puts one ear to the doors leading into the corridor containing the cells at the station. He tentatively begins to push them open as Trish looks on from behind.

Sully sits by the side of the river, looking devastated as he stares down into the water. His head whips around as somebody approaches him from behind.

Wakefield casually plays around with his boarding knife, swinging it in arcs above his head. Hearing a noise in the trees behind him, he smirks and heads towards it.

Jimmy, running through the burned out remains of the marina, shouts “DANNY!” at the top of his voice. No reply is heard.

Madison stands by the edge of a cliff, looking afraid. The wind whips her hair around her face as she tentatively takes a step backwards, and the rock under her feet shifts a little.

Shea screams as Henry, wielding a giant branch, smashes into the window he is standing next to. They both cover their heads as shattered glass flies everywhere.

In the woods, Trish screams and jumps backwards as John Wakefield slashes his boarding knife at her. Jimmy steps protectively in front of her and Wakefield glares at him menacingly.

Hope you all look forward to it. It won't be a quick overview, it should be chunky and full of detail ;)
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
When is it going to be posted?