Harper's Island LEAST Избранное character and why

energizerbunny posted on Dec 06, 2009 at 07:03PM
Who is your least favorite character(s)and why?

Mine are:

Henry-He's such a backstabbing crybaby....he was so ungrateful...he treated trish and sully just aweful before they died

Shea-Shes think she's better than everybody else, shes so rude, she doesn't care what happens to anybody as long as she and her family are safe

Madison-She is cute but she's so annoying...she gets people into trouble

And I know people are gonna hate me for this but the other person i don't like is....

Jimmy-He was ok at first but he just got duller and duller as the episodes went on....he started not showing emotion....at first he was possibly the best character so it was ok for people to make a big deal out of him....but as he got duller he was nothing but an overrated character...

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Больше года freakiin_ruby said…
Katherine. - She just bugged me. She didn't even try to not be bitchy!
Больше года katie11 said…
i love katherine!
i hate cal- he only cares about himself and chloe
trish- she thinks she is great but she isnt
Больше года yashar_safavi said…
big smile
now i am watching HI for the second time ,, so
1---> Jimmy cause he is really a wuss to me ! i mean if henry killed him from first he wouldn't die and the ending would change alot !:D
2---->Abby ,, never cared about her that much
3---->Wakefield and henry at the end ,, they killed every one i liked ! and henry was in love with her half sis !!!
Больше года MLipps said…
Shea - She only cares about herself and creepy Madison, and maybe Trish. After the explosion where it looked like Jimmy was dead, and she told Abby, who was greaving over Jimmy, that Madison had been through enough, I wanted to slap her!

Madison - She lied and got people in trouble and made even think the Sheriff was a killer when he sacrificed himself so Abby and Jimmy could be together

Katherine - She reminded me of a lot of my Dad's old girlfriends - a mean, bitchy slut. Even though I could tell she had made mistakes, she didn't really seem to care that she slept with Richard and hurt Shea.

Hunter - He was going to steal Trish away from Henry (even though Henry killed her), but even though Wellington arranged the whole thing, he didn't have to go through with it, he could've had a conscience, and I was glad when he got shot in the face!
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Больше года rubberduck2 said…
Malcom-Ever since he left the forest, pretended that everything was okay, and took the money despite it being the money that ended up killing Booth i have had an unhealthy vendetta against Malcom, i mean not only did he not just tell his firends straight up what happened to booth but he also kept all of the money that he promised that they would get rid or split.I know malcom cared for booth but just the way he tried to brush it off rubbed me the wrong way also him being selfish and stupid enough to take the money also just...ugh!! lol
Больше года MLipps said…
There were only four characters I didn't like, but I loved all the acting. I think all the actors were chosen perfectly. For people who are really bashing certain characters, I recommend watching "Casting Harper's Island" on disc 4 of the DVD, just to see why these actors were chosen, so you could at least respect the acting. Also, the actors barely knew anything about what kind of characters they were playing or how they were going to change, so I think everyone did an amazing acting job.
Больше года cassie_volk said…
^ Actually, the actors knew a lot about their characters, just not their fate. They were all given pages and pages of background information and data on their character so they’d know how to play them and understand them a little better. That’s why the wedding videos at the end are so, so in character even though they were filmed on the first day or two of filming and completely unscripted.

1) Richard- He’s a creep. Married for twelve years and with a child and you go and screw the evil step-monster? Because THAT can always end well. I just couldn’t stand him and honestly cheered a little when he got harpooned. He was selfish and cocky and whether you like Shea or not you have to admit that a man should think about their wife and child before screwing around with someone else. Especially when he’s going to be sleeping with his wife’s stepmother who she doesn’t even like. The ultimate betrayal. And to do it just to ‘embarrass’ his wife’s father, well, that’s just pathetic. Which leads me up to…

2) Katherine- What kind of a woman screws their stepdaughter’s husband? Okay, so Thomas is not the most handsome men in the world (nor is he ugly) but neither is Richard. And to be honest, Katherine isn’t really that pretty so if she thought she deserved someone ‘hotter’ than Thomas she was not only mistaken but barking up the wrong tree by going to Richard. Anyway, she got to be the trophy wife, had all the money in the world and if you watch the deleted scene she had a decent relationship with Madison, her step-granddaughter. (I can admit that it might be odd for her to be a grandmother when she’s only a little bit older than Shea herself but whatever, not an excuse.) So, she goes off and screws her stepdaughter’s husband (for reasons we never find out but I think she just wanted to just to do it) and then when it all comes out in the open she’s defiant, bitchy and seems to think she has ever right to shove her nose in family business still when she’s only still family due to a technicality. (How many of you HONESTLY think Thomas wouldn’t have divorced her had they lived?) She doesn’t care that she hurt Shea or that the truth would hurt Madison and forces herself onto her stepdaughters like they should cling to her now that their father is gone. Dream on, lady. To them you’re not their stepmother- you’re just the ho their father married.

3) Hunter- I don’t care that he tried to break up the wedding to be honest. His motives were pathetic and deplorable but the actual act of trying to break it up didn’t bother me. (And YES people, I think he really DID care about Trish in some way. The deleted scene explains more and says he had basically become a conman and his rich family had disowned him. Now, Trish and Hunter both grew up together in rich families so you can imagine that being cutoff he would really, really need the money. Not an excuse, just an explanation.) I just didn’t like his overly cocky ‘I’m so hot she’s gonna totally leave with me’ attitude. He’s not as hot as he thinks he is and besides, looks only get you so far. A nice shell with a hollow inside is STILL a rip-off no matter how pretty to look at.

4) Maggie- I just found her utterly lame and pointless and just STUPID. Oh, Nikki could walk into the Cannery so they don’t want locals, huh? Really? Kelly was a local and she was hung in her own house. Reverend Fain was a local and he was hacked to pieces by a headspade. Oh! And you guys all saw the marina explode and you all believe that Jimmy blew up in his boat at this point and guess what he is! A local! *collective gasp* Seriously, lady. Three locals- no, wait, make that four with Deputy Garrett being shot in the back- that you know of have died but because Nikki could walk INSIDE that means that they don’t want the locals? You’re a moron. Frankly, I was glad they killed her. Anyone that stupid is asking for it in my opinion. (And I know that Jimmy wasn't dead yet but they believed he was at this point. And Shane even pointed out that Jimmy was a local but Maggie acted like an idiot and went outside anyway.)

I don’t hate Shea though I get why some people do. I just know if I was being hunted down by a killer and I was a mother I’d be overly protective of my kid, too. Just saying. And while Madison is creepy I didn’t hate her either. Nor did I hate Malcolm who was, deep down, a good guy who just got lost along the way.

I also, ironically, don’t hate either killer. Yes, I dislike that so many of our beloved characters had to perish but I actually don’t hate them in the slightest. Sociopaths are quite interesting to me so that might be why. I’m a little twisted in that way. lol
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Больше года jodith said…
1>Henry:cuz he's a backstabber i mean he killed his bestfriend&brother that son-of-a-bitch and he's crazy loving ur own sis yea thats creepy..
Wakefield>where DO i start??killer,killed sully for a starter do i have to say more??
Abby>she's a bitch its her foult that there all died that my love sully is died No0o0""crying""...
Trish>i dont know why i just do.. and that creepy littel Girl.. dont remember her name..
Больше года katie11 said…
changed my mind

Shea..........dont know why
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Больше года energizerbunny said…
^^so u don't hate cal anymore?? or u just don't hate him as much as u use too??
Больше года katie11 said…
dont hate him that much anymore
Больше года skfanboy said…
I HATED Richard, Hunter and Madison, although that was the point with the former two. I disliked Shane but at least he redeemed himself in the end.
Больше года stuffedcrust08 said…
Cal and Chloe. Very annoying couple. Also, great actor, but Wakefield was hard to watch. Murdered people in very brutal and cruel ways.

On a more positive note, favorite character has to be Jimmy (CJ Thomason). He's such an admirable character, and I love his relationship with Abby. I also love when it's revealed that he distracted Wakefield so that Abby could escape.

I've been a huge fan of CJ since the show ended, and I've been looking for other stuff to see him in. I saw he's been in a few movies since Harper's Island, and I've heard great things about Husk and the upcoming The Monkey's Paw.

Overall though, great show.
Больше года smms said…
There are a lot of characters that were morally grey at best, and a lot of those characters I didn't exactly like, but I found them interesting. But these are the two characters that I couldn't stand.

Madison- She was just so strange. She didn't act like a normal child. Most children would have been terrified if they got kidnapped. But she wasn't phased by it at all. And she withheld information, and made people turn against each other. She made everyone think it was Charlie, and in turn, they all hated Abby for it.

Shea- Shea isn't a bad person. I understand that she is a mother and wants to keep her child safe. I get it. I would probably be exactly like her if I were in her situation. But I just did not like her. She whined the whole time, and didn't do anything. I think what maybe bothered me the most was she didn't have any character development. If you compare everyone from the first episode to the last episode, most of the characters changed either in a good way, or a bad way. Shea just kind of stayed static.