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JimmyManceLuvr posted on Dec 24, 2009 at 03:55PM
Heyy guys i've seen this on other sites and its pretty fun. we just name our favorite quotes from ppl on this show and we can post as many as we want so we will never forget harper's islands greatest moments. i know that there was a lot. so lets have fun and remind each other of the glorious harper's island filled summer :)

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Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
how about i start it off??

Sully: Life's hard, grow a pair.

Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Danny: It's a weird story
Madison: no its not.
Danny: Come on, the old lady tries to EAT hansel and gretl!!
Madison: she's a witch
Danny: okay, frogs i can understand, witches can eat frogs, but kids??

Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
(in reference to the idea of JD being the killer)
Shane: you know, hes been telling me all about his killings sherriff. I'd be careful if i were you cuz he says YOUR NEXT!!.......hey when are you gonna let me out you know cuz the weddings canceled......
Sherriff: Shut up, Shane
Больше года energizerbunny said…
There's a lot of good quotes

Sully:It's ok
Shane:Shutup it's not ok

Shane:I'm not going out there and getting shot....thanks though

Chloe:Has anyone seen my cute little englishman?

Chloe:You can't have me
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Больше года energizerbunny said…
Booth:Maybe he shot himself
Danny:Right, because he felt bed about being a drug dealer

Cal:Hey guys, catch anything?
Booth:We didn't see a boat

Sully:Henry, Trish....whatever you guys are getting married that's great...Have you seen these bridesmaids?(whispering) I am going to get so much action at this wedding
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Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
haha love those- welcome energizerbunny your getting a prop for responding :)

what about..... referencing sully jumping into the water
malcolm: you COWARD!!
sully: I was just saving muffin!!!!


Abby: i've got to finish this today before tonights "bachelorette party"
Nikki: ooo. yeah, you should definately come here instead, i'm bartending Henry's "Hoo-ha"
Abby: sounds like fun- do you need an assistant??
Jimmy: I sure as hell could use one.... No takers??... is it becuase i have crabs??..... wow, tough room.....
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Trish: Oh missy (drunkin laugh)
Больше года energizerbunny said…
Sully:"Why is her life more important thn any of ours"

Shane:"So you're like a trophy wife"

Madison:(About jd's tatoos) "they're creepy"
Jd:"Yeah well, so are you"

Sully:"Yeah, just blast the airhorn, make sure the killer knows we're escaping"

Sully:"We are screwed"

Sully:"yeah if we can just make it through the patking lot"

The last three lines made me laugh because I found it funny how sully was always so negative....but who could blame him, there was a killer on the loose lol
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Больше года energizerbunny said…
Danny:"We have to go in there"
Sully:"This is really gonna suck

Sully:"I think I'm gaurded"
Danny:"You're not gaurded, you're scared"
Sully:"I'm not scared"

Sully:"you're right, I'm scared"

"You don't drink/like scotch"( something like that)
Shane:"Jimmy liked scotch"

Больше года energizerbunny said…
Sully:"Back away from the bars" (wakefield stares)
Sully:"I said, back away from the bars" (wakefield stares)
(he tasers wakefield)
Sully:"He didn't back away"

Sully:(talking to muffin)"Do you honestly find that guy attractive"...
Stacy:(to cal) "you have a sexy accent"
Sully:"Whatever"(I think he said that...it's hard to hear)

Cal:"I just want to get chloe of this island"
Sully:"I just want to get chloe"

Sully:"How stupid do you think I am"
Wakefield:"Pretty stupid" :(
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
lmfaoo i love all of these
Shane: you prolly say things like "fruity" and "smoky"

Shane: how do i know you're not locking us in with the killer
henry: okay, do you wanna be locked up in here or out there
Henry: thats what i thought
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Shane: Look at him, he's afraid to get his tighty whites wet- if i ever start dressing for the loveboat you get a harpoon and put me outta my misery
Больше года katie11 said…
chloe- you cant have me

shane- hey step-mom your missing the big reunioun

katherine- that's not like you my love
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Trish (mocking "daddy")
oh yes henry stop stalling, show him what you've got
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
danny: like howler monkeys
Больше года MLipps said…
Cal: You know, more people are accidentally killed by their own weapons then by the criminals they're trying to protect themselves from.
Sully: Don't care.
Cal: Terrified, unskilled people should not be handling guns.
Sully: That's why you don't get one.

Shane: I'm not going out there and get shot...thanks though.

Dr. Campbell: I think we've got another killer on this island.
Sheriff: I can tell.

Maggie: Shane Piece! What do you think you're doing?
Shane: I'm carving my name. What, you don't think anyone's ever going to stay here again, do you?

Jimmy: Is it 'cause I have crabs?

Deputy Lillis: (holding up Reverend Fain's hearing aid) I found this in the dirt. I only spotted it because I had to take a leak.
Sheriff: Remind me again why I hired you.
Deputy Lillis: My uncle was the best man at your wedding.

Sheriff: Then why did Tom Wellington call and wake me up at one in the morning?
Jimmy: Because Tom hated the fact that his daughter was banging Henry. You know, just like you hated me when I was ba--dating Abby.

Sully: Screw it. Let's just leave.
Cal: Fine. Be my guest.

Abby: Do you ever think about what might have happened if I didn't leave?
Jimmy: You mean, between us? Probably would've done a hell of a lot of camping.

Madison: Why do you have pictures all over you?
JD: You like 'em?
Madison: They're creepy.
JD: So are you.

Sully: Yeah, let's just blast an airhorn. Make sure the killer knows we're escaping.

Jimmy: I'm covered in fish.

Sully: (To Chloe) This British guy--he seems decent enough, but really, what does he got that I don't got?
Cal: A pillow.

Danny: You know, there's no version of this that ends well.

Sheriff: How long have you been involved with Katherine Wellington?
Richard: Six weeks. It just kind of happened.
Sheriff: Fell on her, did you?

Danny: Uncle Marty's, what, fifty? Never married, no kids, and here he is trying to tap some hot thing half his age. Come on.
Malcolm: Okay, Oprah, so how does that make him not a superhero?

Booth: Maybe he killed himself.
Danny: Yeah, because he felt bad about being a drug dealer.

Sully: Money, gun, dead body...oh, man, this guy is so a drug dealer.

Sully: What about all that money we gave you?
Malcolm: Two-grand doesn't buy a lot of floor.
Booth: Two-grand? Wow. We're kind of lame.

Malcolm: That's it. I'm done. I'm ready to get straight to the too-much-drinking part of the day
Больше года katie11 said…
chloe- you Jerk! it was a joke you could've killed me!

(that is why i hate cal
Больше года energizerbunny said…
I don't get how any could hate cal, if you ask me chloe deserved that from cal...because she was flirting with all those guys in front of him....but I still like her :)
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
^^ agree with energizer bunny

JD: Shane started the fight
Henry: well shanes a jerk thats not exactly news......

Karena: i see a change, a change in fortune
chloe: ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
trish: okay lady are you telling me about my mom's china
Karena: no i don't think so, this hasn't happened yet, upside down, means you'll be betrayed by someone you love
Trish: not my henry (whoops:))
Chloe: DRINK!!!
trish: you know i never should have agreed to this
Shea: shes right, its no use, she's gonna be saying "henry" all night
bridesmaids: DRINK!!!

Trish: i already know whos gonna betray me, its a WOMAN isn't it??
Karena: no, and also, your betrayer, is also you're savior.
trish: ......... really??
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Danny: how many hours until sunrise?
Katherine: too many

Danny: you think we don't know
Sully: we saw you slip away when you heard the sheriff was searching rooms
Danny: we know you have it
Malcolm: have what?
Danny: muffin
Sully: come on, she's my blowup doll and i can't find her anywhere
Malcolm: I don't have muffin man
Sully: wait a sec, she's in your bag, isn't she?
Malcolm: i told you, i don't have her
Sully: ok show me

Henry: How is Trish gonna look at me again? I'm the brother of the guy that killed her dad (umm you ARE the guy that killed her dad) haha I love Harper's Island <3

Oh and thanks for making this JimmyManceLuvr... you made me pull out the old Harper's Island episodes again haha Harper's Island never gets old ;)

P.S. I'm watching Harper's Island right now :D :D ooo yeah

Oh I was just looking at JimmyManceLuvr's profile and I forgot to add
Cal: Jiggle it!!

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Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
big smile
haha ur welcome harpersislandfan :)

Nikki: remember, jiggle it
Sully kisses her spontaneously
Sully: Sorry about...... that
Nikki: its....cool?? but bring her back in 1 piece or i'll kick your ass.

Chloe: Cal i'm so sorry
Cal: Sorry for what baby??
Chloe; For bringing you to this wedding
Cal: oh, yes. well of all the weddings i've been to this ranks, near the bottom. the only one worse was my moms 4th wedding to an irish clogger.

Chloe: and i DON'T want you to go out there
Cal: i know, i don't either
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Henry: I just want this week to go well
JD: yeah well good luck with that
*JD wipes the blood off his hands*

Chloe: Has anyone seen my cute little englishman?
Sully: Oh man
Больше года Helen-Lover said…
Chloe: You cant have me

Sully: Lifes hard.. Grow a pair

Shane: So your like a trophy whife?

Cal: Oh, yes well of all the weddings i've been to this ranks, near the bottom. the only one worse was my moms 4th wedding to an irish clogger.

Shane: Why in gods name would you want to get married on this island?
Henry: Oh believe me im having 2nd thoughts.

Sully: (To Chloe) This British guy--he seems decent enough, but really, what does he got that I don't got?
Cal: A pillow.

Jimmy: Is it becuase I have crabs?

Shane: I'm not going out there and get shot...thanks though.

Chloe: Has anyone seen my cute little englishman?

Cal: Chloe, Chloe look at me... I love you

Cal: Will you marry me?
Chloe: YES!!!! YYEEEEESSSS!!!!!
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
haha of course helen-lover has chloe quotes :D but thats why we love you

haha gonna do an extent on a quote

Nikki: abby do you know how many people have asked me for this recipie??
Abby: it'll be our secret nikki, i've never had to give a gift to a millionaire before
NIkki: henry's not a millionaire. IS HE??
Abby: you know what i mean. the wellingtons have like 60 houses, what do you get someone like that??
(nikki hands her recipie)
Abby: well i better head back and get this ready for tonights..... bachelorette party!!
Nikki: ohhh, yeah, you should definately come here instead, i'm bartending Henry's hoo-ha
Abby: sounds like fun, you need an assistant??
Jimmy: i sure as hell could use one
Jimmy: no takers???
Jimmy: is it because i have crabs??
Jimmy: wow, tough room.

Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Henry: But you have me!
Abby: I don't want you!

Trish: Wakefield escaped
Henry: I know, I gave him the key

Madison: It's ok, I have a new friend
Henry: JD?
Madison: Well, actually I have lots of friends

Abby: I could be John Wakefield's daughter

Booth: We didn't see a boat

Cal: You know more people are accidentally killed by their own weapons than by the criminals they're trying to protect themselves from
Sully: Don't care
Cal: Terrified, unskilled people should not be handling weapons
Sully: That's why you don't get one

Sully: If you want us to stay here, we gotta be able to defend ourselves
Henry: I'm gonna need some shells
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Abby: you didn't think I was gonna show did you?
Henry: *laughs* i knew you were coming
Abby: i didn't
Henry: no
Abby: but i realized, if i didn't come home now, i might never, and that scared me
Henry: you know it's been 7 years abby, since the murders, i always moved on, it feels normal again, that's why Trish and i are getting married here, you'll see it's the place we loved as kids
Abby: that'd be nice

Jimmy: I knew someday you'd come back to me
Abby: and I knew you'd be here
Jimmy: oh yeah and how is that?
Abby: I could smell you from the mainland
Jimmy: So uh I've changed too
Abby: The hat or the gloves?
Jimmy: No I'm married now
Abby: You are such a liar
Jimmy: No but I had you there for a second
Jimmy: Hey abby, welcome home
Abby: It's just a visit

As much as I love the ending I love the first few episodes when everyone is still alive :]
Больше года JD_Dunn_Lover said…
Abby: "Who ever's doing this wants me."
Jimmy: "Well they can't have you."

Chloe: "You can't have me."

Trish: *in bed* "Was I loud?"
Henry: "What? No!"
Trish: "Oh my god, I was so loud."
Henry: "It's ok, it makes me look really good."

Chloe: "Am I the only one who thinks that men and women can't just be friends?"

Abby: "You destroyed everything I loved."
Henry: "But you have ME!"
Abby: "I dont want you!"

Trish: [Silently mouths "I love you"]
Henry: Me?
Malcolm: Me?
Sully: Me?
Danny: No, me.
Malcolm: No, you said me.
Sully: No, its me.
Danny: No, she said me.
Trish: Yes, you.
Henry: I knew it! Sorry guys.

Больше года Linz94 said…
big smile
Abby : "You destroyed everything I loved."
Henry : "NO! But You have me !"
Abby : "I don't want you !"

Sully : You better say something or you're going to die.
Jimmy : Whoa , whoa !!Chill. It's me Jimmy.White flag.
"Say something or you're going to die" ??

(...) Abby : Whoever is doing this wants me.
Jimmy : Well, they can't have you.

Maggie : Shane Pierce! What do you think you're doing ?
Shane : I'm carving my name xDD

Danny to Sully : Who cares if Abby's dad's a big freak ? It's abner. You're been trying to sleep with her for years.

Jimmy : Man,what have you got in here ?
Abby : I was so nervous with my mom, I think put like ten books in there xD
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Jimmy: so i had a secret adgenda
Abby: seeing me or delivering crabs??

Jimmy: this is not how i wanted it to be at all- you know most of these days this island is really great, you know, it almost seems like it never happened, the only thing thats missing is you......

Jimmy: well i want you to like it here, enjoy urself on the island again..... not all of us island guys are psycho.......
Abby: so you want to hlep me have a good time??
Jimmy; i DO!!!
Abby: let me drive
Jimmy: *pauses and pouts* fine.

haha i'm so glad so many people are joining in!!! thanks guyss!!
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Richard: how on earth did you land her?
Cal: well, i graduated from cambridge, i'm a medical doctor, an expert for lifelist, i think it's the accent. i wake up everyday praying she doesn't meet a cooler british person
Richard: or any other british person *laughs*
*sully comes in*
Cal: that's fine, i know for a fact he isn't british

"You found her, Now find me"

Malcolm: Dude, you are so shiny
Sully: yeah, and i smell really great too
*cal walks up*
Cal: sorry about today mate, totally my bad
*groomsmen laughing*
Cal: I owe you a beer, okay

*phone rings*
Doc Campbell: the red in kelly's eyes, i can't explain how or why, but Sheriff... it was ink
Sheriff: okay
Doc Campbell: charlie did you just hear what i just said? someone did this to her, someone put ink...
Sheriff: i heard you
*hangs up phone*
You found her, Now find me

I love how this episode ends :] pretty creepy

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Больше года energizerbunny said…
big smile
Booth:Is he apologizing to Cal, or working Chloe
Danny:Knowing Sully, probably both
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Maggie: Shane Pierce! What do you think you're doing?
Shane: I'm carving my name.. what you really think anyones ever going to stay here again?

Madison: Did you like the game?
Abby: what?
Madison: the game, he'd said you'd like it.. the man who took me
Abby: what man Madison?
Madison: your dad abby. you know, the sheriff
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Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
haha loving this

Trish: i told him you'd be comming
Abby: TRISH!!!
Trish: heyy, you look great
Abby: oh no!

(thought that was priceless cuz in that moment abby wasn't looking very stunning.......)
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
Trish: I thought he killed you
Henry: I'm fine
Trish: Wakefield escaped.. Henry, wakefield escaped, we have to go
Henry: I know.. I gave him the key
Trish: what?
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Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
Nikki: oh my god!!! ABBY!!!
Abby: Nikki??? oh!!!
Nikki: well look at you comming in here all aphrodite- ur trying to make us local girls look bad.
Abby: oh please. you're GORGEOUS!!
(shows the toungue piercing)
Nikki: yeah in case you forgot, its boring here MOST of the time. looking for someone special
Abby: yes, but not the fisherman you're so subtly implying...... theres my perp. any trouble??
Nikki: JD??? hmnm. a lamb among lions
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
big smile
Trish: you ever actually shoot anything before?
Sully: yeah, all the time. halo, bio shock, GTA

Madison: I'm not going to get to be a flower girl abby
Abby: who told you that?
Madison: the spirits told me

Henry: Sullys right, Wakefield has an accomplice.. it's just not Jimmy

Jimmy: come on man, fire it up. let's go, what are you waiting for?
Shane: they're dead man. the cops are dead
Jimmy: fire it up!
Shane: ok *pushes button* JIMMY GET OUTTA THERE!!

Danny: how do we know when to meet them at the marina?
Sully: we send up a flare
Shane: can't see a flare from here
Cal: what about an airhorn?
Sully: yeah, let's just blast an airhorn. make sure the killer knows we're escaping

Henry: one more thing. who's going with Cal?
*long pause*
Sully: I am.. we want this to actually succeed right?

*Maggie gets up*
Chloe: where are you going?
Maggie: I'm going home.. he didn't touch Nikki, he won't touch me

haha wouldn't that be nice to just be able to walk up and go home :]
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Больше года MLipps said…
JimmyManceLuvr, your quote between Trish and Abby is really funny and it reminds me of the confession from Gasp where Jimmy said the first time he saw her again, she looked beautiful, even though she was far from it. Also, the lines with Nikki and Abby were great too.
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
^thank you :)
Больше года VintageSmile said…

Abby: "Your my brother..."
Henry Silently says: "I can do the math."

Best. Lines. Ever!
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
^ Ohhhhh that's what he was saying.. I could never figure that out!!!
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
^hahaha harperislandfan!
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
its hard to hear lol he likes mumbles it
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
^ i always got it clearly lol
Больше года HarperIslandFan said…
maybe I need my hearing checked? hehehe
Больше года VintageSmile said…
I always have my subtitles on during Harper's, it helps :D
Больше года VintageSmile said…
Also the bit where Henry's just killed trish :[ he's like
"Hey dad." So casually, it's like wtf!?
Больше года JimmyManceLuvr said…
^oh i know lol
Больше года toriakatherin said…
Henery: Turn around john wakefields behind you

sully: How stupid do you think I am?

Henery: Pretty stupid, hi dad

I think thats what he said I havent seen that eppisoad in a long time lol
Больше года katie11 said…
big smile
Lucy: Gigi is people!
Henry: Hey dad
Sheriff: I need to ask some questions regarding what happened this afternoon..... maybe i should start with you! (Looksa at richard)