Harper's Island Favourite Suspect или Motive and Why

MLipps posted on Mar 11, 2010 at 06:32PM
Who was your favourite suspect during the course of show, or which character do you think had the best motive, and why?

From the very beginning, I suspected the killer was Henry because I read murder-mysteries and used the theory of "the person who looks and appears the most normal is usally the one who is most guilty". He was always so cheery so I figured it was a cover-up, even though I liked Henry.

I also figured Wakefield was alive because everyone kept saying "he's dead" and was like, "you know what? I'll bet he's not."

I think Jimmy had the best motive, even though I thought he was a red herring and didn't suspect him until Episode 12, because as people say "Payback's a bitch." Also, a crazy person would consider killing people as the perfect revenge:
"Murder is the best therapy."
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Больше года alirioaguero2 said…
I honestly thought that the killer is someone more obscure. I suspected Maggie and/or Nikki to be Wakefield's mistress, who helped him in killings and their daughter who now seeks revenge and is Abby's half-sister and jealous of her. I guess I was wrong.