Harper's Island Favourite Suspect или Motive and Why

MLipps posted on Mar 11, 2010 at 06:32PM
Who was your favourite suspect during the course of show, or which character do you think had the best motive, and why?

From the very beginning, I suspected the killer was Henry because I read murder-mysteries and used the theory of "the person who looks and appears the most normal is usally the one who is most guilty". He was always so cheery so I figured it was a cover-up, even though I liked Henry.

I think Jimmy had the best motive, even though I thought he was a red herring and didn't suspect him until Episode 12, because as people say "Payback's a bitch." Also, a crazy person would consider killing people as the perfect revenge:
"Murder is the best therapy."

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Больше года cassie_volk said…
I always, always knew it was Henry from the first episode. And not just because the least likely suspect is usually the guilty one but because sociopaths are the LAST person you would expect. People like Shane and J.D. and Kelly are too obvious. They’re dark, they’re twisted, maybe even a little dangerous but they’re not sociopaths. Sociopaths can HIDE that they’re dark and twisted and seem nice and normal and perfect and that’s the best part about them. You just never KNOW what they are until its too late. And to be honest, I figured out everything by about episode seven (including who would live, Henry’s connection to Wakefield AND that he was in love with Abby) and while finding out that he was in love with his half-sister was odd I liked his motive- love. As twisted and dark as it may be he did it all for love.
Больше года MLipps said…
I totally agree with that theory.