Harper's Island Theme song topic!!

alirioaguero2 posted on May 24, 2010 at 09:46AM
If you had to give theme/tribute song to:

1. Harper's Island as the series
2. Any charcater (or more of them) solo
3. Relationships (not only romantic)

Ones I can think of now:

Ana Johnson: We Are (whole HI)

Avril Lavigne: Innocence (Trish-Shea rel.)

Breaking Benjamin: Breakdown (Whole HI)

Breaking Benjamin: Dance with the devil (Trish-Henry rel.)

Cowsills: Rain, Park and the other things (aka Flower Girl) (Madison Allen)

Cranberries: Zombie (Henry Dunn)

Deathstars: Play God (Killers towrds others)

Evanescence: My Immortal (Cal and Chloe)

Katy Perry: Thinking of you (Katherine - Richard rel.)

Korn: Dead bodies everywhere (Whole HI)

Matchbox 20: How far we've come (good charcaters)

MSI: Mastermind (Henry)

My chemical romance: Teenagers (JD and Kelly)

My chemical romance: Welcome to the black parade (all good, accent on Abby)

Nickelback: Far Away (Abby - Jimmy rel.)

Nickelback: Hero (Sully)

Nickelback: Saving me (all suspects)

Placebo: Every you-every me (Henry-Abby rel.)

Rascal flatts: What hurts the most (Jimmy-Abby rel.)

Skillet: Falling inside the black (Henry)

Slipknot: Vermillion (Henry-Abby rel.)

The Killers: When you were young (Trish-Henry rel.)

The Ramsus: In the shadows (Henry and Wakefield)

Three Days Grace: Time of dying (Jimmy)

Within Temptation: Howling (Whole HI)

Within Temptation: Dangerous Mind (Henry)

I'll think of more. Can anybody else try. The list can have only one song if you want, no restrictions.

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Больше года energizerbunny said…
Toby Mac: No oridinary love (Abby & Henry)

because the love henry had for abby was not ordinary lol