Harper's Island Character Death Reset Game

whatwasthat posted on Dec 05, 2010 at 11:06PM
I wanted to try a different kind of elimination game. Below is the list of characters from the show and a list of the deaths in the order they occurred.

To play, either:

PLACE a character from the SURVIVOR POOL onto a death.

SWAP a character who has a death assigned to them with a different character from the SURVIVOR POOL.

MOVE a character who has a death assigned to them to a new death.

If a character is placed on any death they have their counter set to 5. Each subsequent post where they are not moved from the death, the counter should be decremented. If they remain on that death when their counter hits 0, then that death is set and the character cannot be moved again.

Only one move is allowed per post. You may not post twice in a row unless more than a day has past. When you post, please make sure and decrement counters for all characters on a death in your post.

The final FOUR characters after all deaths have been assigned will be the SURVIVORS.

Please join in and we will find out the death order that this group thinks should have occured.

Abby Mills
Beth Barrington
Cal Vandeusen
Chloe Carter
Christopher Sullivan
Cole Harkin
Cousin Ben Wellington
Danny Brooks
Henry Dunn
Hunter Jennings
JD Dunn
Jimmy Mance
John Wakefield
Katherine Wellington
Kelly Seaver
Lucy Daramour
Madison Allen
Maggie Krell
Malcolm Ross
Nikki Bolton
Reverend Fain
Richard Allen
Shane Pierce
Shea Allen
Sheriff Charlie Mills
Thomas Wellington
Trish Wellington
Uncle Marty Dunn

01: Minced by boat propeller -
02: Cut in half on the bridge -
03: Decapitated -
04: Neck broken/hung -
05: Set on fire in a pit -
06: Shot in face with shotgun -
07: Accidentally shoots self -
08: Head split by headspade trap -
09: Impaled with a harpoon -
10: Hacked up and burned in a furnace -
11: Shot with multiple arrows -
12: Stabbed in the abdomen -
13: Cut in half in the tunnels -
14: Stabbed in back with pruning shears -
15: Hanged at The Cannery - Joel Booth (5)
16: Neck snapped by rope attached to truck -
17: Stabbed in stomach with boarding knife -
18: Crucified at the Cannery -
19: Stabbed in the throat -
20: Falling off bridge -
21: Face impaled on memo holder -
22: Stabbed in the side -
23: Stabbed in the back -
24: Stabbed at the church -
25: Stabbed with boarding knife -

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