I made a Список of combined and possible plot holes about Harry Potter. Some of them I came up with myself, and some of them I got from different places online. If Ты can give explanation answering the Вопросы ,do it please.
I purposely put in a few really really picky Вопрос because there are a lot of Статьи about Twilight like this, so I want to see how Harry Potter Фаны respond to the ridiculously picks questions. I'm not going to tell Ты which ones they are, but they should be easy to pick out.

1.    Why do the founders of Hogwarts have surnames? Family names weren’t used in Western Civilization until the 19th century, but Hogwarts was founded in the 990s, 10th century. But each of the four founders, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, all had normal first and last names. Society didn’t even use nicknames или occupational names back then. They only used first names.

2.    In The Goblet of Fire, Dudley has a Playstation, but the first PlayStation wasn’t released until December of 1994, and only in Japan. Dudly was playing with his PlayStation earlier in the year.

3.    In the game of quidditch, if the Snitch flies at the speed of light, how can Harry catch one in his mouth without it shooting through the back of his throat или at least breaking his teeth?

4.    Why was there no mention of witch burning? They studies wizard history, but they didn’t mention it at all. The Salem Witch Trials happened in America, but there were also a lot of famous European witch hunts in the 15-18th century (That’s where Carlisle Cullen’s back story comes from). It was all about witchcraft and magic, why wasn’t it significant enough to teach? Hogwarts is supposed to be a school of WITCHCRAFT and wizardry.

5.    JK Rowling сказал(-а) once "magic is a dominant and resilient gene" in a magazine interview. If magic was dominant, there wouldn’t be any muggle-borns или squibs. If magic is a dominant gene, Ты can’t inherit it from someone who doesn’t have it. If they had the gene at all, they parent would have the ability to do magic. It would make еще sense if she сказал(-а) magic was a recessive gene. If the gene was recessive, then two parents, each with a recessive gene, would be able to have a magical baby without being magical themselves. Also, squibs wouldn’t be possible. If two parents with dominant magic genes have a baby, then the baby would have a dominant magic gene. Especially in pure blood families because they would have two dominant magic genes so they would have no choice but to pass down a dominant gene.

6.    In Order of the Phoenix, Harry takes his O.W.L test in June. He was taking his astronomy exam outside and he was asked to chart the constellation, Orion, but Orion isn’t visible on any latitude in June.

7.    He also had to locate Venus, but Venus only goes as far as 47 degrees from the sun, but he was taking the test at midnight. Venus would have been on the opposite side of the planet.

8.    On the cover of link there’s an illustration of a link, but it should be a link

9.    In the first book, a snake winks at Harry. Snakes don’t have eyelids. It wasn’t a magic snake, it was a normal snake. Did the eyelid magically appear when Harry casted a spell on it?

10.    The basilisk was known for chewing and tearing its prey apart, but real snakes глотать, ласточка their Еда whole. Did magic give the basilisk еще teeth and a different kind of jaw that allows for chewing?

11.    Hedwig was a Snowy Owl. Snowy Owls aren’t nocturnal like most other owl breeds. They sleep at night and fly during the day. They’re also very quiet, in comparison to other owls, but Hedwig would shriek in her cage all night long when normally, she would hardly make any noise at all and she would be asleep at night.

12.    Harry tried to feed Hedwig vegetables once, but owls don’t eat vegetables so she wouldn’t eat them. Why didn’t Harry just use the vegetables as bait to catch mice или bugs to feed her? He’s seen them all over his house, so he knows they’re there.

13.    In Quidditch Through the Ages, it says that the first ever World Cup was in 1473, with a match being held every four years. Yet the World Cup in Goblet of Fire, set in 1994, is number 422. There can't be 422 world cups in 521 years with a four-year gap in between

14.    When Ты look really closely at all the dates and birthdays in the books, Ты can conclude that Andromeda Тонкс was 20 years old, или possibly younger, when Nymphadora was born. But that would mean that Andromeda and Bellatrix are the same age, which would make them Twins. Was there any explanation of this?

15.    It was сказал(-а) that Hogwart’s students were close to evenly distributed between the four houses, and during Harry’s sorting ceremory, there were only 5 Gryffindor boys and 5 Slytherin boys. That means there is about 40 people in Harry’s год all together. That means there are an estimated 280 students in all of Hogwarts. During one of the Quidditch matches, it says that there are about 200 Slytherin students alone. Why was Harry’s год so low on students? Why weren’t there еще kids born the same год as Harry? And there are 14 subjects taught at Hogwarts, and only one teacher for each subject, and Harry сказал(-а) each class has about 20 students in it. The math doesn’t match up at all. If there are 200 Slytherins, that means there are about 800 students in Hogwarts?

16.    The hogwart’s schedule is really weird too. Each class is an час long and they start at 9:00 am. They have two classes, a break (which seems like it’s about 30 минуты to an час long when Ты think about all the things they do during their break) then another class. Then they have lunch. So that means they have lunch at 12:30 или 1:00. And then they have another break right after lunch, then two еще час long classes. Does this mean that the school день ends at 5:00 pm? That’s kind of late for a school day. And what time to they eat dinner? They seem to have a lot of free time before they have to go eat dinner.

17.    There are also population problems. It says there are about 3,000 wizards in Great Britain. If there really are 800 students in Hogwarts, why are there so many children? Why is 25% of the wizard population between the ages 11-18? Also, with a population that small, how do they manage to support so many Quidditch teams? It’s implied that each team has a very large fanbase, but there aren’t even enough wizards for the teams to have many fans. And how does the economy work with such a small population? The government is larger than needed for a small population. This would only work if the Ministry never gets paid.