If I were to write “Breaking Dawn” (minus the part of the Volturi getting arrested by the police), here’s how it would go:

1. Bella beats up Jake for imprinting on her daughter

2. Volturi get word about Renesmee’s birth and rush off to Forks, bringing an entire army with them

3. Cullens get allies and several people who just flat-out hate the Volturi.

4. Волки get in on it

5. Big battle ensues and several allies (like Tanya and Rosalie) die

6. Renesmee runs away and hides and Jacob follows her

7. Alice and Jasper Показать up with SEVERAL half-breeds

8. Volturi freaks out; one fathered a half breed

9. Cullens and allies beat them and kill them

10. Cullens are now the new Volturi; and they rule long and everyone is happy. Plus they change the laws and sign peace treaties with werewolves. Вампиры everywhere are happy.

11. Renesmee falls in Любовь with a half-breed and breaks Jacob’s heart. He is forced to hook up with Leah, but she later abandons him and their children.

12. Stephan and myself return to Forks and infiltrate the Cullens from the inside.

13. We convince Jacob to go to Egypt and reveal himself to the humans.

14. Amun thinks he's the head honcho of the Middle East, so he'll take care of the mutt.

15. Bella becomes depressed and runs away to Egypt to be killed also.

16. Edward's not far behind.

17. The Cullens crumble and we seize power.

18. Well, they all lived happily ever after.
So now Ты know!

barbierose[/b[: well, that’s interesting! but where do I come in?
: Tell me, blond one. Do Ты know how to drown a blond?
barbierose: SHUT UP!
alphawannabe: ouch! Ты made Jacob turn into a wuss!
she-wolf: only because he was an idiot.
vampdoctor: well, too bad for Aro; I wished he and I remained friends.
she-wolf: like you’d ever be Друзья with that viper!
gay4Carlisle: but we are friends! aren’t we, Carlisle?
(everyone else has logged off)
gay4Carlisle: but why does everyone have to leave me hanging whenever I Показать up?
redeyed: because we’re seen as the bad guys.
stillmourningforDidyme: and nobody even likes us!
gay4Carlisle: but that’s not fair! we get beaten and THEY get to take over! I don’t think that’s cool!
redeyed: Marcus, did Ты father any children?
stillmourningforDidyme: ok, ok! so I did! what’s the big deal?
redeyed: just checking.

brbierose - Rosalie Hale
dracula1 - Vladimir
alphawannabe - Paul Lahote
she-wolf - Leah clearwater
vampdoctor - Carlisle Cullen
gay4Carlisle - Aro
redeyed - Caius
stillmourningforDidyme - Marcus