The two Bellas: Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and Bella лебедь from Twilight are being compared. These are 50 reasons why I think Bellatrix beats Bella.

1: Most important: Helena Bonham Carts vs. Kristen Stewart... is there really any competition??
2. When people act as if Bellatrix is incapable of doing certain things, it just makes her fight harder. When people act as if Bella is incapable of doing certain things, she becomes all depressed.
3. Bellatrix is exceedingly loyal. For a time, Bella couldn't choose WHO to be loyal to (Edward или Jacob)
4. Bellatrix went into Azkaban for--what was it?-- fifteen years and had to endure the dementors and yet still came out strong. Bella can't even deal with her own boyfriend properly.
5. Bellatrix fought in many duels and won. She was fully capable of fighting for herself, unlike Bella.
6. When someone hurts/insults her lover, Bellatrix can just "Crucio!" them, and doesn't think twice about it. The most that Bella can do when Edward is hurt is scream his name in agony, run towards him and... trip.
7. Bella talks about how she doesn't feel 'normal'. Girl, if Ты don't feel normal, go Присоединиться a club или something. STOP COMPLAINING! Bellatrix does what she has to do and doesn't complain about it.
8. Bellatrix & Voldemort talk about MANY things besides their relationship. I've never heard Bella talk to Edward about anything that doesn't have to do with them as a couple. I mean talk about, like, movies, или books...heck, Ты could even talk about Monday Night Football for all I care!
9. Another thing: names. Bellatrix means ''female warrior'' and Lestrange has ''strange'' in it, both meanings which describe Bellatrix. Bella's name is Isabella, which is, well, drab. Plus, her last name is Swan, which should have meant that she's graceful, but she's not!
10. Bellatrix is cool enough to stay close to the one she loves. Bella, though she stays by Edward's side, couldn't care less about her dad and totally ditches him.
11. Bellatrix doesn't have to rely on people to do things for her. She is totally self-confident and independent.
12. Puh-leeze, people. Bellatrix is from Harry Potter.
13. Bellatrix's outfits are so much еще unique than Bella's.
14. Bellatrix is not some filthy Muggle.
15. Bellatrix could take on the Volturi and finish them off with one small flick of her wand while Bella and her army tried to reason with them to avoid getting killed.
16. Bellatrix doesn't go Эмо when she realizes that Voldemort doesn't Любовь her back.
17. Bellatrix avoids throwing herself on some Болталка guy's back and jumping off a cliff.
18. Bella just loves Edward because he is "hot". We know for a fact that Bellatrix doesn't Любовь Voldemort for his looks since he's really ugly.
19. She doesn't need an entire army to protect her, she IS the army.
20. I'd rather be a witch than a vampire.
21. Did BELLA have a totally beast Dark Mark? No? Huh. I didn't think so.
22. Bella's most famous quote can't beat Bellatrix's LEAST Популярное quote.
23. Bellatrix's character shows that Ты should never give up hope, fight for your cause, and stand your ground rather than run away.
24. Bella isn't fast. Don't know why this annoys me, but it does. Bellatrix, however, can throw a dagger across the room faster than someone can Disapparate.
25. Bella is always double-thinking things because she is afraid of what people may think. She is just afraid of losing her popularity status. Bellatrix doesn't care what other people think.
26. Bellatrix isn't afraid to do anything. I mean, does anyone even doubt that? People, she killed her own cousin!!
27. She isn't even the main character, but we can still think of еще than 26 reasons why she's better than Isabella.
28. Bellatrix has super-cool siblings: Narcissa Malfoy, and even though Bellatrix hated her, Andromeda Tonks.
29. She can get even Kreacher to do things.
30. She cares about power, skill and domination.
31. Bella is boring and dull.
32. J.K. Rowling wasn't afraid to give Bellatrix flaws.
33. Behind the insanity, there's an intelligent part of Bellatrix. Bella always looks clueless and confused.
34. Bellatrix has emotions, a personality, and A LIFE.
35. Even though she loves him, Bellatrix would murder Voldy if he watched her when she was sleeping.
36. Bella is prissy but BellaTRIX isn't afraid to get dirty.
37. Bellatrix makes sure that she is well-known before going into Azkaban.
38. Bellatrix's life has been so much еще difficult, yet she doesn't complain about ANYTHING, while Bella's life is easy (since she makes other people do things for her) and she still complains about every little thing.
39. "Crucio!" is a pretty awesome catchphrase.
40. Bellatrix was a true Slytherin- cunning, ambitious, power-hungry... Bella would have been a true Retard.
41. What has Bella accomplished? Nothing. Total opposite of Bellatrix
42. She gives people a piece of her mind when necassary, whether that person is on her side или not. (ex. Snape)
43. She's smart enough to know Occlumency.
44. Bellatrix's laugh is scary, cute, and funny,. Bella's sounds like this: *ahem* "Heh. He he. Ha" BOR-ing.
45. Bella's hair is all like... drab. Even Bellatrix's HAIR shows personality. And it's so pretty!
46. Bellatrix's crazy laugh или Bella's emotionless face?
47. Even when Bellatrix fails at doing something (like getting the prophecy) she's still boss.
48. She's not afraid of Показ her feelings to people-- good или bad. Bella doesn't HAVE feelings.
49. As long as she gets what matters done, Bellatrix doesn't care what choices she makes.
50. Bellatrix plays with her Еда before eating it, if Ты know what I mean.