So I have heard/read a LOT of arguments over this topic, and I find it ridiculous. Here are some reasons why they can't be compared with each other:

1- Письмо styles. Rowling writes in a descriptive third-person, whereas Meyer writes in a first-person account of a seventeen год old girl. Ты can't expect Bella to talk like a professional poet of some sort, I doubt many average teenage girls do that.

2- Plot. Harry Potter is mainly about wizards and fighting. Twilight is about Вампиры and romance... Totally the same (Major burning sarcasm).

3- Audience. Harry Potter is aimed for children. Before the whole nagging about "It's suitable for everyone" Ты are liars! Дети cannot read, toddlers cannot read and so many others cannot read. Don't lie. Twilight is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults.

4- Characters. None of them are alike, not a thing in common. They are all unique in their own ways.

5- Message. Twilight is basically a message of Любовь in all forms (diversity love?). Harry Potter is about friendship.

These are a few of so many reasons why they can't actually be compared. They are too different. If anyone has any еще points, please reply. It shall be fun to attempt some kind of bridges being built between the fans. It would be nice to be friendly with each other, and have kind discussions about the books/movies together.