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I just wanted to cut out this snippet and paste it here because I completely agree here. There is no being that's invincible, no matter how unnecessarily overpowered Ты make them.
Meyer thinks that humans are limited to two types of weapons: Оружие and slow-moving bombs. Oh, Meyer. Ты silly, silly bitch. There is one thing that we humans have been consistently good at since we first picked up a rock and looked speculatively at that черепаха hiding smugly inside of its shell:

We’re really, really good at figuring out how to kill things.

But we don’t like to stop at “kill it dead”. Nah, that’d be boring. We like to figure out inventive ways to kill things. And we like to do it with pizzazz. We like to figure out how we can kill as many things as possible with just one tiny weapon. We like to think up many different kinds of weapons to do the job for us. We also like to see if we can kill just that one thing that’s hiding and leave everything else around it untouched. We can target literally anything we want. All we need to do is exploit a distinctive trait that whatever we want dead has. We can kill multiples, we can kill singles, and we can do it creatively.

And it is the twenty-first century. We are armed with a lot еще than just sticks and, what did Ты call them in Bree Tanner…ah yes, “pop-guns”.

A whole lot more. (link)

Think of the sheer amount of military-grade weaponry Ты know about from the USA alone. Now think about all of the military-grade weaponry Ты know about from other countries. And now think about all of the military-grade weaponry Ты probably don’t know about because it’s kept вверх secret.

Your Вампиры have basically just revealed themselves to humanity. We know they would—look no further than Bree’s own words about her species to get confirmation of that:

"Again, I imagined the whole horde of us on the loose without a curfew. I could see Diego and me moving like ninjas through the shade. But I could also see Raoul, Kevin, and the rest, sparkling disco-ball monsters in the center of a busy downtown street, the bodies piling up, the screaming, the helicopters whirring, the soft, helpless cops with their dinky little bullets that wouldn’t make a dent, the cameras, the panic that would spread so fast as the pictures bounced swiftly around the globe.

Вампиры wouldn’t be a secret for very long. Even Raoul couldn’t kill people fast enough to keep the story from spreading."

Yeah. Without fear of repercussions, Вампиры would gladly march out into the sun and start killing people for no other reason than to laugh and Показать everyone how powerful they are and crush the humans beneath them because they’re gods and humans are tasty morsels.

Ты have just introduced a global threat to the human race. This isn’t something that is attacking one country—oh no, these things are attacking everybody. This is the equivalent of an alien invasion.

*delicately* Ты just united seven billion people against a common enemy, and those seven billion people have еще technology, weapons, and ways to kill Ты than Ты can possibly comprehend.

Ты can’t hide—we can easily find you. Ты can’t blend in—Meyer didn’t make Ты that way. Ты can’t run—your вверх speed is 180 mph. Ты can’t hide behind human shields—we can narrow the focus and kill just you. And most of all, Ты do not have the advantage. Meyer’s all about numbers, as we know, and brute force. It is now, at most, a few thousand Вампиры against SEVEN FUCKING BILLION.



I know Ты think you’ve made your Вампиры invincible against humans, Meyer, but the truth is Ты haven’t. Aro is right—humans would wipe them out. We would. We would kill them all, your precious Cullens included. And if Ты continue to insist that no mere human weaponry could kill them, well, Ты also provided humans with two potential allies that are very powerful and can definitely kill your vampires, because they have.

Shape-shifters and werewolves. Shape-shifters are guardians against vampires, and Волколаки were driven to the brink of extinction by vampires.

The only possible way the Cullens could survive a human uprising would be to side with the humans and reveal all vampire weaknesses and fight with them. Even then, they would so not get to go back to their lifestyle once it was over. They would have severe regulations and restrictions placed upon them—if they weren’t just locked up in a lab on Area 51 for the rest of eternity—to say nothing of what the government and law officials would say when they discovered all of the ill-gotten gains the Cullens have been sitting on for the past few centuries. All of that money would go bye-bye.

Basically, Meyer, what I’m trying to say is that Ты have made yourself a world where they Volturi have to exist for your Cullens to enjoy your perfect Фэнтези life. The Volturi are guaranteeing the Cullens’ lavish, untouched existence. They don’t have to worry about the Southern Вампиры coming up and trying to take them out and take their territories, they don’t have to worry about vampire Дети eating all their Еда или destroying their stuff, they don’t have to worry about Волколаки killing them, and they don’t have to worry about humans tracking them via their heat-sink bodies или a slight glimmer from their sparkly cells and firebombing the shit out of them. They get to live without fear of anybody killing them and get to enjoy all of that money and rich stuff because the Volturi keep Вампиры in check and make sure they don’t run wild and destroy the world—because Ты сказал(-а) it yourself. Without the Volturi, they would.

Ты fail on every conceivable level.